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Fitness Tracker - Android App Source Code

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by codecanyon


If you are looking to track your fitness workout goals, then this fitness goal tracker app is for you. Our fitness goal timeline app comes with in-build body fat percentage calculator, allows you to set your workout goals and then track them on regular basis so that you can monitor the progress. Not only this, but the app has measures your body fat percentage along with the workouts so that you can keep an eye on your BMI index as well.

Our fitness timeline tracker app is for all those health freaks who want to monitor their fitness and workout goals periodically. The fitness goal tracker app accurately measures the set goals of workouts and shows the progressive timeline as per your goal achievements.

Apart from this, the workout goals tracker app also allows you to take pictures during the specific goal achievement milestones and has an option to prepare a slideshow depicting the fitness goal progress with uploaded pictures. The app tracks fitness goals and measures body fat percentage using varied assessment methods and displays the accurate results.

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