Work Corner - Ionic 4 job search app theme Ionic Uikit

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by logicwald
Work Corner - Ionic 4 job search app theme Ionic  Mobile Uikit


Work Corner job search app theme truly focused on jobs, resume, profile and more pages. Optimized to be so much performance at any platform app (Android & iOS)


  • Built with Ionic 4 , Angular 8, Cordova
  • One code for mobile apps
  • PUSH notification in web and mobile enabled
  • Offline functionality enabled
  • Support all Mobile Devices
  • 10 Unique Pages
  • Easily access the services
  • Few mins Setup
  • Easily Customizable
  • Reduce development efforts by 80%
  • Reduce Cost from $6K to $64 USD developing Frontend of web app and mobile apps
  • Complete support to setup the application


  • Splash
  • Login
  • Sign Up
  • Forgot password
  • Dashboard
  • Applied
  • Message
  • Profile
  • More
  • Job Detail

Setting up the theme

  • 1. Buy and Download .zip files and unzip.
  • 2. Run npm install to install libraries.
  • 3. Run ionic serve -l, it will automatically generate a local www build and open this in your browser.
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