Uber For Winshes Full App + admin panel Ionic Developer Tools App Template

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Uber For Winshes Full App + admin panel Ionic Developer Tools Mobile App template


Uber For Winches Full App:

Cross-platform app and dashboard build by Ionic framework and Angularjs. the Database is Firebase from google easy to integrate and easy to use. UI designed the same as uber and the workflow is a little bit different to fit Winchies field. Uber For Winches is the solution to help you achieve to start building your platform on top of it.
The system is easy to customize and to integrate with everything.

The platform has three main users:
1- Customer: anyone can register and start using it, need email and phone and install Customer App.
2- Driver: drivers have an app customize for them to have different views such as (wallet, previous orders..etc ) and install Driver App.
3- Admin: the main user who can manage the process and track orders and manage drivers using Web DashBoard.

Quick Start Guide :
1- You have to install Node js using this link https://nodejs.org/en/
2- Open command line after downloading the apps.
3- write ” npm install ” and wait until the modules download.
4- Write “ionic Cordova build android ” or “ionic Cordova build ios”
5- The application should be built and give APK files to be downloaded.
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