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Supersonic — Creative Resume/CV PSD Template   Design


Supersonic is unique Resume PSD template for personal page, design agency, photographer etc., with clean and modern design. Supersonic will be a subtle and smart choice for owner to tell about themselves and show their best works. There is no doubt that Supersonic will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers. Designed on grid system, your site will look sharp on all screens. In our archive you’ll get 54 PSD files for dark and light desktop, tablet and mobile versions. All these will allow you to create your own html template, or use some features in your project.

54 PSD files included – The design is very creative and unique, and also very easy to customize and use.

Supersonic — Creative Resume/CV PSD Template - 1

Template Features

  • PSD layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Different portfolio and prices layouts
  • Creative and unique design
  • Easy & customizable PSD files
  • Pixel perfect
  • Free Google Fonts.
  • Free Font Based Icons.
  • Great Support 24/7.
  • Fully and logically layered PSD.
  • Extended documentation

PSD Files Included

  • 01_home_dark_desktop.psd
  • 02_about_dark_desktop.psd
  • 03_about_education_dark_desktop.psd
  • 04_portfolio_variant_1_dark_desktop.psd
  • 05_portfolio_variant_2_dark_desktop.psd
  • 06_portfolio_variant_3_dark_desktop.psd
  • 07_reviews_dark_desktop.psd
  • 08_prices_variant_1_dark_desktop.psd
  • 09_prices_variant_2_dark_desktop.psd
  • 10_contact_dark_desktop.psd
  • 11_blog_dark_desktop.psd
  • 12_blog_open_post_desktop_dark.psd
  • 13_typography_dark.psd
  • 14_home_light_desktop.psd
  • 15_about_light_desktop.psd
  • 16_about_education_light_desktop.psd
  • 17_portfolio_variant_1_light_desktop.psd
  • 18_portfolio_variant_2_light_desktop.psd
  • 19_portfolio_variant_3_light_desktop.psd
  • 20_reviews_light_desktop.psd
  • 21_prices_variant_1_light_desktop.psd
  • 22_prices_variant_2_light_desktop.psd
  • 23_contact_light_desktop.psd
  • 24_blog_light_desktop.psd
  • 25_blog_open_post_light_desktop.psd
  • 26_typography_light.psd
  • 27_home_tablet.psd
  • 28_about_tablet.psd
  • 29_about_education_tablet.psd
  • 30_portfolio_variant_1_tablet.psd
  • 31_portfolio_variant_2_tablet.psd
  • 32_portfolio_variant_3_tablet.psd
  • 33_portfolio_open_project_tablet.psd
  • 34_reviews_tablet.psd
  • 35_prices_variant_1_tablet.psd
  • 36_prices_variant_2_tablet.psd
  • 37_contact_tablet.psd
  • 38_blog_tablet.psd
  • 39_blog_open_post_tablet.psd
  • 40_home_mobile.psd
  • 41_about_mobile.psd
  • 42_about_skills_mobile.psd
  • 43_about_education_mobile.psd
  • 44_menu_mobile.psd
  • 45_portfolio_variant_1_mobile.psd
  • 46_portfolio_variant_2_mobile.psd
  • 47_portfolio_open_project_mobile.psd
  • 48_reviews_mobile.psd
  • 49_prices_variant_1_mobile.psd
  • 50_prices_variant_2_mobile.psd
  • 51_contact_mobile.psd
  • 52_blog_open_sidebar_mobile.psd
  • 53_blog_closed_sidebar_mobile.psd
  • 54_blog_open_post_mobile.psd

Fonts Used

Online Support

If you have any questions about customization of this template which are not covered in the documentation feel free to ask a question in the comment section or create a ticket on the our support system.

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