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Rocket LMS - Learning Management System



Rocket LMS is an online course marketplace with a pile of features that helps you to run your online education business easily. This product helps instructors and students to get in touch together and share knowledge.
Instructors will be able to create unlimited video courses, live classes, text courses, projects, quizzes, files, etc and students will be able to use the educational material and increase their skill level.
Rocket LMS is based on real business needs, cultural differences, and advanced user researches so the product covers your business requirements efficiently.






Why CHOOSE Rocket LMS?

• A comprehensive solution for online education businesses
• Based on real business needs and requirements
• Multiple content types (Video courses, Live classes, text courses)
• Public & private classes
• Quiz & Certification
• Youtube, Vimeo, and AWS integration
• Google calendar integration
• Online 1 to 1 & group meeting booking
• Single & multiple instructors
• Organizational education system
• Meeting & webinar reminders
• User permissions
• Variable commissions
• Built-in accounting system
• Class support system
• Noticeboard
• Subscribe system
• 30 worldwide payment gateways
• Offline payment
• SMS & social login
• Multiple live class systems support
• Multilanguage
• Fully responsive
• Fully customizable
• Frontend RTL support
• Professional plugins
• Affiliate & referral system
• Multi-language content
• Tutor Finder
• Localization system
• In-App live classes
• SCORM courses
• Reward Points Club
• SaaS Packages
• Forum & Community
• Course Forum
• Store & Marketplace (Virtual & Physical Products)
• Drip Content
• Course Statistics & Analytics
• Course Access Period
• Manual Enrollment
• Private Mode (Internal LMS)
• Assignment & Homework
• Course Bundle
• GDPR Support
• Frontend Article Submission
• Mobile App-only Mode
• Online PDF Viewer
• Change Colors & Fonts from Admin Panel
• Course Notifications & Reminders
• Drag & Drop Home Builder
• ...



Rocket LMS includes two design styles that you can check both of them in the following links:

Demo Style 1 (Animated Header)
Demo Style 2 (Full-width Header)

Admin Panel URL
Password: admin

Password: instructor

Password: student

Password: organization













Rocket LMS is a complete solution for online education businesses. You can use it for:
• Creating a multi-instructor education platform for selling live classes, and video and text courses.
• Creating a platform to sell your educational materials.
• Creating an organizational education solution (Multi institutes).
• Creating a meeting booking system for reserving 1 to 1 & group meetings.
• Creating a file-selling system.
• Creating subscribe based system for selling educational materials.
• Creating a video streaming platform.
• …


All things are ready for starting your online business today! Just purchase Rocket LMS and install it according to the instructions included in the package or contact support through CRM and ask for free installation.



Admin, instructors, and organizations will be able to create courses.
Students will be able to use courses using direct purchases or subscriptions to courses. They also reserve live meetings with available instructors.
The paid amount will be divided into two parts between the content provider and the admin.
Admin also could control everything using professional admin area.



Does the product support RTL languages?
Yes, the product supports the RTL direction perfectly in the front end.

What are server requirements?
For hosting/server recommendations please log in to our CRM using this link and go to the knowledgebase from the side menu. We suggested several hosting plans for different needs. It is also included in the documentation.

Can I run the product on shared hosting?
Yes, there are no limitations with shared hosting plans.

Can I use Youtube and Vimeo as video storage?
Yes. You can use them as free and safe video storage.

Which payment gateways are supported?
There are 15 gateways supported for different countries. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Yandex Checkout, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Midtrans, Flutterwave, Payfort. Paypal, Razorpay & PayU are included. Others require plugins. For supported countries, you can check our CRM.

Which things could be customized in the product?
- You can translate it into any language
- All of the texts and images
- All of the predefined contents
- Colors, sizes, and font styles
- Custom and additional pages
- CSS and JS files

Which technologies are used for development?
We developed Rocket LMS with Laravel, Scss, Webpack, and Bootstrap.



Rocket LMS is packed with a lot of useful features that you can view on this page and live demo. You can also view key features in the following list:

Multiple content support: Rocket LMS supports multiple content types such as video courses, live classes (Webinars), text-based courses (Plugin), SCORM courses (Plugin), and articles. 

Single and multiple instructors: You can use Rocket LMS as a marketplace or use it as a single instructor service.

Organizational education (Plugin): Rocket LMS supports organizations and institutes so you can define organizations and institutes with related students and instructors. Organizations can define different prices for their own students.

Online meetings (Plugin): In addition to educational materials, instructors and organizations will be able to sell online meetings and students will be able to book online, in-person, and group meetings.

Payment gateways (3 Included): There are 30 gateways supported for different countries. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Robokassa, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Midtrans, Flutterwave, Payfort, Braintree, Mollie, Alipay,, Instamojo, Izipay, Klarna, N-genius, Payku, Paylink, Sslcommerz, Payhere, Toyyibpay, Voguepay, JazzCash, Paysera. Offline payments are also available as a paid plugin.

Youtube & Vimeo support: You can use Vimeo & Youtube video links as of course parts so they could be used as free and safe video storage.

S3 storage support: Use different S3 storage services like Amazon S3 and Wasabi as the storage and decrease your hosting costs.

Social & SMS login: Users can log in to the system using social accounts (Google & Facebook) also SMS and login are supported.

Subscribe system (Plugin): In addition to normal purchases using the cart, students will be able to subscribe to courses by purchasing different subscription plans. You can also define unlimited subscription plans to allow users to access all of the platform content for a specific period.

Google Calendar integration: Rocket LMS is integrated with Google calendar so users will be able to add all of the events such as live class sessions, meetings, etc to the Google calendar and events will be reminded to them automatically so nothing will be missed.

Fully customizable: All of the contents, texts, images, CSS, and JS codes will be customizable.

Change colors & fonts from the admin panel: Integrate the platform color with your brand in a minute! Change all of the colors and fonts from the admin panel.

Accounting system: Rocket LMS includes a built-in accounting system that provides transaction tracking, sales analysis, advanced reports, refunds, manual accounting, payouts, invoices, offline payments, etc.

Shared hosting support: No need to pay for expensive VPS or desiccated servers! Rocket LMS could be installed in a minimum shared hosting plan.
Localization: Rocket LMS is multi-language and translatable. All of the official currencies included. RTL mode supported.

Variable commission rates: Increase user loyalty by using variable commission rates. Define extra commission rates for most active instructors and encourage them.

Staff & permissions: Create staff for different departments with specific access levels.

Fully responsive: High-quality responsive design makes the content accessible on different devices.

Quiz and certification (Plugin): Create unlimited quizzes and certificates and assign them to the courses. You can define video and images quizzes in addition to the text quizzes.

Rocket LMS includes an advanced certification system that allows you to create quiz-depended certificates & course completion certificates.

Badges and rewarding system: Define different badges related to the instructor’s actions. Badges will be assigned to instructors automatically.

User groups: Assign users to different user groups and reward them with extra discounts and commissions.

Marketing options: There are several marketing features such as advanced discount codes, content promotions, featured classes, course discounts, advertising banners & modal, email newsletters, etc to perform marketing campaigns.

Notifications: Automatic notifications will be sent after each related process. You can also send promotional & customized notifications to users.

Professional admin panel: Everything is under your control in the beautiful admin panel. There are many accessibilities, reports, and lists that are based on functionalities.

Support system: Students will be able to get in touch with instructors within a clear and functional course support system.

Separate panels: Rocket LMS includes separate panels for instructors, users, and organizations with different data types.

Offline payments (Plugin): Users will be able to charge their accounts using an offline payment system and the money will be added to their account after admin approval.

Class options: There are many options for each class such as class capacity, private classes, class start date, class reports, FAQ, filters, rating, invited instructors, etc that help you to create professional educational material for different educational needs.

Course Sections: Organize course materials in different sections and chapters.

Noticeboard (Plugin): Send personalized notices to students and display notices on the noticeboard.

Multi-language Content (Plugin): Define website content in different languages. The content will be loaded according to the user’s language.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing (Plugin): Add more power to your platform using the affiliate marketing feature. Users will be able to sell your platform courses and earn.

SCORM Courses (New in v1.5) : Bring the interactive educational experience to your platform. Publish courses made by Adobe Captive, iSpring, or any other software.

In-App Live Class System (New in v1.5) : Conduct live classes on your platform directly with awesome features like live chat, share screen, etc. Your users won’t be redirected to any other third-party app. Imagine a live class screen on your website… Looks Cool!

SaaS Packages (New in v1.5) : Define different service packages and limit different features like courses, meeting time slots, live class capacity, organization instructors, and students for instructors and organizations. Users should upgrade their accounts to reach more features.

Reward Points System (New in v1.5) : Create a professional customer loyalty club on your website. Your users will get points according to their different activities like purchasing, charging account, publishing courses, passing a quiz, certificate achievement, comments, course reviews, joining the newsletter, referring users (Affiliate), getting badges, course completion, meeting reservation, and engaging them with your platform. Users will be able to enroll in courses using points or convert them to account balance.

Tutor Finder (New in v1.5) : Allow users to find the best instructors according to different parameters like tutoring level, tutoring subject, meeting type (Online, In-person), meeting time and day, location on the map, age, and gender. This feature includes a beautiful wizard that gets information from the student and will display the best matches.

Forum & Community (New in v1.6) : Add a professional forum and community feature to your LMS platform. Users will be able to create new topics in different categories and communicate together about different subjects.

Course Forum (New in v1.6) : Allow course students to ask their questions in the course forum. Other students and the instructor will be able to answer questions. Students can mark resolved questions as “Resolved”.

Course Bundle (New in v1.6) : Combine several courses as a bundle and sell them together as a bundle.

Store & Marketplace (New in v1.6) : Add a multi-vendor marketplace and store feature to your platform and allow users to sell physical & virtual products.

Drip Content (New in v1.6) : Restrict the student’s access to the course chapters and files by different limitation parameters like time and sequence content. You can define forcing students to access course parts X days after purchasing the course or forcing them to pass the previous part.

Private Mode (New in v1.6) : Do you want to run an LMS solution for internal purposes? By enabling the private mode, you can specify which users can access courses for enrollment.

Manual Enrolment (New in v1.6) : Add students to courses, bundles, and products manually from the admin panel.

Assignment & Homework (New in v1.6) : Define different assignments for each course with different options like grade, deadline, etc, and make the education process more effective.

Course Statistics & Analytics (New in v1.6) : View course details and statistics in a graphical environment.

Course Noticeboard (New in v1.6) : Send different notices to the course students in different colors. 




• Rocket LMS source code
• Detailed documentation
• Support information
• Free support for 6 months
• Free installation for hosting plans with control panels (cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc.)



• Subscription plugin
• Offline Payment
• Payment Gateways Pack (Paypal, PayU, Razorpay are included)
• Quiz & Certification
• Meeting System
• Text Courses
• SMS Authentication
• Noticeboard
• Bigbluebutton Integration
• Organizations
• Multi-language content
• Referral & Affiliate
• SaaS Packages
• In-App Live System
• Reward Points System
• Tutor Finder
• SCORM Course
• Forum & Community
• Course Forum
• Store & Marketplace
• Drip Content
• Course Statistics & Analytics
• Manual Enrollment
• Assignments & Homework
• Course Noticeboard
• Course Bundle
• Private Mode (Internal LMS)

By purchasing the plugins bundle, you will get all of the future plugins for free.

The following plugins are paid and not included in the package and you can purchase the plugin bundle according to your business requirements.

Click here to view plugins and pricing


Rocket LMS is a supported product. We will support our customers under Codecanyon support policies and you will get:
-Lifetime updates
-Regular bugfixes
-Paid customizations
-Helping with product features
-Free Installation

The support process will be provided through our CRM.



You can select the license type according to the following table.




To get support, you can refer to our CRM system. You can also ask your presale questions in the comments.

Note: You need to contact us after purchase in CRM and send your item purchase code and get your license file. It is a one-time process.


View credits in our CRM.




Version 1.6 – Release Date: 02 October 2022

New: Drip content
New: Forum & community feature
New: Course forum
New: Private mode (Internal LMS)
New: Store & marketplace
New: Physical products selling
New: Course statistics & analytics
New: Course assignments & homework
New: Course access period
New: Manual enrollment
New: Course bundles
New: GDPR support
New: Course notices
New: Advertising modal
New: 16 new payment gateways (Robokassa, Mollie, Alipay,, Instamojo, Izipay, Klarna, N-genius, Payku, Paylink, Sslcommerz, Payhere, Toyyibpay, Voguepay, JazzCash, Paysera)
New: Frontend articles submission
New: Mobile app-only mode
New: Video/image quiz questions
New: Course completion certificate
New: Change colors from the admin panel
New: Change fonts from the admin panel
New: Online PDF viewer
New: Course students notifications
New: Additional user data input
New: Buy now button
New: Automated meeting reminders
New: Automated live class reminders
New: Automated subscription renewal reminders
New: Video background for hero
New: Drag & drop home page builder
New: Different course prices for organization members
New: Unlimited subscription system
New: New course data (Trusted logos, requirements, learning materials)
New: Delete account request
New: Enable debugger from admin
New: Live class join delay
New: Additional field in the registration
New: Customize the top navigation button for different user roles
New: New discount types
New: New advertising banner positions
New: New point & rewarding conditions
New: New user badges
New: Better error handling & empty states
New: New SaaS package conditions
New: Subcategories icon
New: New certificate data tags
New: New SEO settings
New: New user profile tabs
Improved: RTL improvement
Improved: Chapters structure
Improved: Responsive design
Fix: Payout requests Excel export error
Fix: Rating report error
Fix: Meeting booking calendar direction
Fix: Paystack price correction
Fix: Certificate download error

Version 1.5 – Release Date: 05 Mar 2022

New: In-App live system
New: SAAS packages
New: Learning page
New: Reward points system
New: Reward points leaderboard
New: Support SCORM file types
New: Tutors finder system
New: Tutors Map
New: In-person meetings feature
New: Group meetings feature
New: Advanced Meeting Pricing
New: Multi time-zone feature
New: External links support
New: iFrame Support
New: Google Drive support
New: PDF and PowerPoint support
New: Send email to the newsletter and Excel list
New: Localization system
New: Included tax price
New: Time format 12H/24H
New: Discount code types and conditions
New: Save cart for visitor users
New: Home page sections
New: Meeting reservation description
New: Offline payment attachment
New: Amazon S3 native integration
New: Amazon S3 stream
Improved: New sources for the demo video
Improved: Update currencies
Improved: Multi-language content
Improved: Text editor features
Improved: Disable user panel side banner
Improved: User's financial information privacy
Improved: New quiz form in the admin panel
Improved: Translations
Improved: Accordion chapters on the course page
Fix: Private courses problem
Fix: Admin comment Reply Bug
Fix: The blog comments section
Fix: Category page filters Bug
Fix: Iyzico payment gateway problem

Version 1.45 – Release Date: 26 Feb 2022

New: Mobile app API integration.

Version 1.4 – Release Date: 28 Dec 2021

Fixed: Comments error in the instrcutor dashboard.
Fixed: Reports error in the admin panel. 
Fixed: Error in categories with the same name. 
Fixed: Error in file edit modal in the admin panel. 
Fixed: Error in admin profile image. 
Fixed: Error in the language selection modal in the admin panel. 
Fixed: Error in saving live class sessions.
Fixed: Error in featured classes slider.
Improved: Vimeo player.
Improved: Database data structure relations.

Version 1.3 – Release Date: 26 Oct 2021

New: Affiliate & referral marketing.
New: Multi-languate content.
New: Course sections feature.
New: Udemy-style video modal.
New: Course content could be enabled/disabled separately.
New: Course URL change feature.
New: Organize quizzes in course sections.
New: Define start time for classes.
New: Right-click disabled in the video modal to prevent unwanted downloads.
Fixed: Problem in featured courses price.
Fixed: Error in saving user financial information.
Fixed: Error in certificates text for Arabic language.
Fixed: Error in category and blog search.
Fixed: Error in tax rate for some currencies.
Fixed: User removal for organizations.
Fixed: Classes pagination in the admin panel.
Fixed: Error in the download status of classes.
Fixed: Other bug-fixes.
Fixed: Minor responsive issues.

Version 1.2 – Release Date: 30 Sep 2021

New: Display Tax & Discount rates in the sales list.
New: Invited instrcutor badge on the course page.
Fixed: Error in course enrollment for free classes when the user doesnt log in.
Fixed: Error in uploading files with Arabic names.
Fixed: Error in charge account page.
Fixed: Error in user profile image in the admin panel.
Fixed: Error in the contact page when is empty.
Fixed: Marketing dashboard data error.
Fixed: live class time picker issue.
Fixed: Error in subscription plans purchase process.

Version 1.1 – Release Date: 01 Sep 2021

New: Class thumbnail images are clickable.
New: Tax value could be zero.
New: Instructors can conduct free live classes.
New: Admin can generate 100% off discount codes.
New: Single language support.
New: Instructors can create quizzes with unlimited time.
Fixed: Extra decimals removed from prices.
Fixed: Login page data validation error.
Fixed: Prerequisites relation error.
Fixed: Meeting settings data validation error.
Fixed: Admin and front data language loading error.
Fixed: Excel export error for offline payments.
Fixed: Error in Stripe gateway price.
Fixed: Error in subscription plan remained downloads.
Fixed: Currency view in the cart page.
Fixed: Error in the admin panel side menu collapse mode.
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