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IonicStarter | Ionic App integrated with Firebase

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IonicStarter is a Ionic template that you can use to start  your Ionic App project.

IonicStarter provides the basic you need to build an Ionic App. It’s well structured, clean and easy to make changes.

We use this template to start every Ionic App project to our customers. It’s the best way to start almost every kind of app. You can easily change everything.

There’s only a few features and a few pages to be easier to customize the design and functionalities for your app .


Some features included

  • Facebook Native Plugin
  • Google Plus Native Plugin
  • Camera Native
  • Storage Native
  • AngularFireModule
  • AngularFireDatabaseModule
  • AngularFireAuthModule
  • Complete Authentication system, ready to use.
  • Beautiful UI designs!


Firebase 4 Integration

  • Firebase Module
    • Firebase Login
    • Firebase Sign Up
    • Firebase Reset Password
  • Added Firebase Authentication/Login with Email/Password , Facebook, Google Sign-In Methods (Web & Mobile Facebook Sign-In Support , Web & Mobile Google Sign-In Support)
  • Firebase Logout
  • Firebase Change User Password functionality
  • Firebase New User (Email/Password) Registration
  • Firebase Password Reset Email functionality
  • Firebase Feed (A list of items from Firebase)
  • Firebase  Storage Examples
  • Firebase Database Examples
  • A Service file separated only with the Authentication functionalities.


  • Login Page
  • Register Page
  • Forgot Password Page
  • Home Page
  • My Profile Page
  • Edit Profile Page
  • Feed Page
  • Post Details Page

We let this template clean to you easily understand all of the files.

This template will be always improved, so if you buy you are going to have all the further updated versions available in your account for free.

This app will be used only as an Ionic Starter Template. It’s not a complete app, and it does not have a lot of examples, pages and features.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.


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