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Firetask – The missing well coded Ionic 3 Firebase Full Application Template

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What is Firetask?

Firetask is not just a common template application for Ionic, we tried to deliver a set of production-ready features so that developers and startups can get a good starting point using Angular, Ionic and Firebase. For now it comes with advanced functionalities like Social Login, Offline sync with Firebase, Account Management, and more.

It’s written on top of latest versions of Ionic / Angular and Firebase. The idea here is that you can grab Firetask from CodeCanyon or your secured area, issue npm install, do a small setup, change some SASS color variables and boom!

You may just to focus in your business logic, things like login, account profile, admob and other great features will already ready for you to launch your next ios or android application.

You can always test the app functionalities on the Apple Store or Google Play before purchase.

Why I should buy?

If you would to have a good and updated start point to bootstrap any kind of app, faster and better, tested and approved by stores and developers, just buy it.

What to do after purchasing?

Download the source code at least one time from CodeCanyon to enable your reviewing our app. This will help us a lot to keep growing and launching new features. After that confirm your account on Firetask site to stay updated about updates before it’s published on the stores. Then just follow or guides.

There is also 2 videos showing some stuff:

Getting Started with Firetask - A Firebase Ionic Full App Implementing and Fixing (error 12501) Google Native Login Started with Firetask - A Firebase Ionic Full App

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