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Avenue is an ecommerce mobile app template built on top of React Native and Redux. It supports both Android & IOS platforms and uses the latest React Native version.Navigation and State management are already implemented coupled with an amazing user interface to bootstrap your project within minutes. Includes bonus components like gradient buttons and progress bar. With 35+ screens and 40+ re-usable components this app has almost all features required to build a successful ecommerce product.


  • Built on React Native – CLI – Supports both IOS & Android
  • 35+ Screens/Pages
  • 40+ React Native re-usable Components
  • Bonus Reusable Components – Gradient buttons, progress bars, fab buttons
  • State Management implemented using Redux
  • Routing implemented using Reactc Navigation – Drawer & Stack Navigator both are implemented
  • Uses React Native UI Kitten library for basic UI components
  • Simple minimalistic and elegant user interface


Quick Start Up Guide for Android & IOS:

Detailed Documentation on how to setup the app :

Demo Video :

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