IonicWooStore-ionic 4 App for WooCommerce

by wolfljj


Ionic4Woostore is an Ionic4 WooCommerce Full Application based on Android and iOS. We create this app to easily connecting your WooCommerce website with hybrid mobile application (Android & iOS).

Our Dokan,WcVendors,Yith Vendor Flutter Version allow vendor upload product and manage their store,u can find them on

Ionic framework 4 open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5
Already builded for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova Command-Line Interface – Builds are included in the deliverable.

Product Features:

  • Multi Languages(i18n) Support
  • WooCommerce Authentication
  • WooCommerce REST API: Category Listing
  • WooCommerce REST API: View A Product
  • WooCommerce REST API: Products Listing list View
  • WooCommerce REST API: Product Search
  • WooCommerce REST API: Create An Order
  • WooCommerce REST API: Any Variations Support
  • WooCommerce REST API: View Orders
  • WooCommerce REST API: Create A Customer
  • WooCommerce REST API: Verify User – Retrieve and View a specific customer by email or email and password
  • Full WooCommerce Product Category or Product Listing Integration
  • Payment could be made on the WooCommerce installation or via PayPal Payment).
  • Stripe payment support.
  • Social Sharing Support for all WooCommerce Products
  • Onesingal—Multi-platform Push Notification Service
  • Products Autoload on scrolling
  • Edit Address
  • Wishlist
  • Add to Cart
  • Edit Address
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • secret for protect user password
  • slide in homepage
  • persistent login

version 1.3.0
update ionic to latest version
all lazyload
fix cart page issue

version 1.2.9
fix show variations option in woocommerce

version 1.2.8
fix go home issue in wishlist and cart
fix typings issue

version 1.2.7
update ionic to 3.2.1
fix total in cart
fix search issue

version 1.2.6
update ionic to 3.0.0
fix refresh issue

version 1.2.5
add Multi Languages(i18n)
update wordpress plugin
fix http issue in website

version 1.2.4
update ionic to 2.2.0
sub category add blank before it.
fix category total limit

version 1.2.3
fix shipmehtod name issue
fix create order issue

Vesion 1.2.2
fix paypal and stripe total price issue
change variations popup default size
fix create customer issue

Version 1.2.0 2017-02-23
add stripe payment
add persistent login.If users login in onece,Users do not need to log in again.Unless users click login out button.
add new variation show type,now it is not show all variations in product details page,customer can select variation by popup you can set any more variations.
fix orderlist issue
fix user login detect in cartpage

version-1.1.0 2017-02-15
add wordpress plugin for app
add “login in” function(no need change any code)
add secret key for protect user password
add slide in homepage, set slides on our plugin
add shipping method on wordpress admin page,set on our plugin

version-1.0.3 2017-02-07
fix cart page total amount error
add https support
fix paypal error on ios
update ionic to 2.0.0 final

version-1.0.2 2017-02-01
slove checkout page create order error

change turn to home page function after order success

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