Aria - IONIC 3 - Real Estate Template

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Aria - IONIC 3 - Real Estate Template Ionic  Mobile App template




Aria is a real estate app template for finding the best properties, houses and agents. This app Template is completely made localization ready that it lists all the properties or houses that are nearby. This hybrid App Template is encompassed with high-level attractive UI design.



App Template features


This on-demand real estate app Template comes with some unique features that help in improving the real estate business to farther more that includes:

  • Easy, secure login and sign up as both individual as well as an agent.
  • Advanced location-based search.
  • Varying options for selling, buying and renting properties.
  • Multiple user choice as owner, broker and builder with a wide profile.
  • Managing list of properties.
  • Profile management.
  • View project history.
  • Google maps integration.
  • View property responses and recent activities


Benefits of having a mobile app  for real estate business


  • Helps to achieve extended market reach.
  • Helps to list all the properties of real estate business owners.
  • Helps to have direct communication by choosing genuine customers.
  • Helps the seller to improve their real estate business to a much higher level.
  • Helps to get quick feedback that can improve business productivity.
  • It acts as a tool to increase the brand reputation and marketing.
  • Increases the speed of sales.
  • Brings more identity to real estate business.



Who can use Aria?


  • Real estate business owners who wish to improve their property business.
  • Builders and contractors who indulge in property and house selling business.
  • Multiple property owners having both residential and commercial types of properties.
  • People who wants to rent their property.


Possible additional customization of Aria from CodeInfoTec


  • Customization for Language Translation in App Template.
  • Customization for Ratings in App Template.
  • Customization for Selling or Renting as owner, broker, the builder in App Template.
  • Customization for  Chat option in App Template.


Digitalise your investments in real estate business with CodeInfoTec Solution


We are one of the leading web and app development company originated in India. Our team of developers and designers are successful in providing solutions on all user-friendly applications.


If you are thinking of an online real estate business then CodeInfoTec Solutions is your technical destiny. Aria is an on-demand app Template for running your online real estate business. The app template is completely enhanced with exquisite features that can improve the productivity of your real estate business.


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