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AddWeb Ionic Chat

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by saurabhd
AddWeb Ionic Chat Ionic Chat & Messaging Mobile App template


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AddwebChat Ionic application provides a means of one to one and group chats. The user can simply login using a phone number and validate him/herself using the OTP sent on the phone number. User can also have the list of contacts from his mobile and also send the friend request for chatting with him/her. Another user has to accept the request in order to chat with the sender. Once the connection will be established both can exchange the text and images. All the information is saved on firebase platform which is a product of google so there would be less chances of data loss. The user can also set his or her profile picture from either gallery or from taking a picture at the same time. The user can also create groups and add users to have group communications. Users can also share their location, images and other documents.

Ionic 3 framework is used to create the hybrid mobile application with the use of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and Typescript. Ionic is mainly focusing on creating builds which have the attractive user interface like native application.

Please read all the steps and FAQ very carefully for downloading and installing this application.

Update on 28th April 2018

Features that are newly introduced in this update

  • Delete account
  • Retrieve old messages
  • Push notification
Update on 21st June 2018

Features that are newly introduced in this update

  • Message read/unread
  • Message search
  • Contact: Search/ Add new / Refresh
  • Integrated list of countries
Update on 28th November 2018

Features that are newly introduced in this update

  • Included media sharing with one to one and group chat
  • Document uploading, location and contact sharing
  • Group chats: moderation, participants, and media sharing features
Update on 07th February 2019
  • Performance enhancements and plugin upgrades
Update on 05th July 2019
  • Upgraded application SDKs to version 28 to support Android X with firebase.


AddWeb Ionic Chat - 5


doc doc

Building an android app from the provided code requires elementary knowledge of following tech

  • Ionic 3
  • Angular
  • Firebase
  • Twilio
  • iOS: Apple developer account

Please refer supporting document here for android build, If you found it difficult, we can provide paid support to build for you and place them in google playstore. For general questions related to this application review FAQ section.

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