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100 Marbles

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by srujan-mhase
100 Marbles Android Game Mobile App template


The goal of the game is to fill moving cups with falling marbles by opening the gate of the pot by touching on the screen. For each marble you manage to get through the glass you’re rewarded with a different amount of points, depending on its color. If the marbles misses the glass, it disappears. Arcade Mode Here gameplay is simple and restricted. You miss the glass, you lose the marble. Also if the glass remains empty then its gone FOREVER. Lose glasses or lose 100 marbles and game over. Survival Mode Here gameplay is not restricted. You can take whatever time you need. Your aim just becomes to keep the marbles in the screen. Throughout the levels the difficulty of the game progresses by increased speed of the glasses and decreasing their size More Features
  • Endless Gameplay.
  • Leaderboards to share your score online.
  • Simple and clean UI.

Features of Source Code

  • Very easy to integrate and customize.
  • Very simple and clean UI.
  • Admob banner ads and interstitial included.
  • Based on LibGdx v1.2 (You dont need to have gradle plugin for this).
  • 2 Google Play leaderboards present.
  • Easy switching to debug mode in Box2d while debugging.
  • Easy changing of glass speed, ball bounce and gravity.
  • Run your app on desktop for debugging and reskinning.
  • PSD files also included for graphics modification.

What You Get

  • JAVA, XML and APK files.
  • PSD photoshop files for graphics used in game.
  • Necessary Library Files required for game.


Q. Can it be reskinned in eclipse? Ans. Yes. Q. Does it uses Google play services or old admob sdk? Ans. Google play services. Q. Which version of LibGdx does it use? Ans. It uses 1.2. However if you feel the need you can switch to latest version by updating required jar files. Q. LibGdx switched to gradle. Do i need to have gradle plugin for this? Ans. No. This code can be imported just like any other source code. You dont need any other plugin. Q.Is it necessary to change the application layout before deploying it to play store? Ans.That depends entirely on you. I suggest changing it for the sake of uniqueness.


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