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Words Master - Guess Words Game (Unity 3D + Admob)

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by codecanyon
Words Master - Guess Words Game (Unity 3D + Admob) Android  Mobile Games


Words Master is an offline game made in Unity 3D. It includes the APK, source file and detailed documentation

Download APK


In settings you control SFX and background music. You can select the difficulty mode and can select the time for making words.

Game Play Mode:

In practice mode you can select the difficulty level and timer for the word and can practice with 3 lifelines. A random word is given to you with a starting alphabet or at a random position and you must enter the word within the time limit. Each alphabet has a score which is added to your total score on entering the correct word. If you enter the incorrect word or couldn’t enter the word within the time limit you will lose a lifeline.

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