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WooMond WooCommerce - Flutter eCommerce Mobile App

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WooMond is a complete WooCommerce Flutter App. It is compatible with both single and multi-vendor WooCommerce websites. It supports Dokan & WCFM plugins. 

You can connect with your existing WooCommerce website with any templates or theme & convert the WooCommerce website to a mobile app, and get started. 

It comes with premium source code with complete control so you can customize it easily and publish the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to bring your WooCommerce website to a mobile device. 

WooMond’s stunning design and high-speed performance (depending on your server) will give your users a personalized experience that will increase conversion. 

We’ve also included push notifications & multiple banner customization so that you can sell more products through different promotions by using WooMond mobile app.  

Plugin requirements:

  1. WooCommerce Plugin
  2. WooMond Plugin (included in the WooMond package)

Download and Experience The App

Single vendor app   Multi-vendor app (by Dokan)   Multi-vendor app (by WCFM)










WooMond- Flutter WooCommerce App Features:

WooMond is a WooCommerce Flutter App that comes with dynamic features listed as follows. 

Compatible with Dokan & WCFM

WooMond WooCommerce mobile app works with famous multivendor plugins-  Dokan & WCFM. 

Automatic synchronization

All your WooCommerce data will automatically synchronize in real-time with the WooMond app within seconds. 

Any theme/template applicable

WooMond is adaptable to any WordPress theme and template. No matter what template you currently use in your WooCommerce front end, it can be integrated with the WooMond app.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your customers to drive their sales decisions with promotional offers such as discounts, coupons, etc. 

Legal pages 

We’ve developed different legal pages because of Play Store and AppStore’s preconditions. Without these pages, you cannot publish your app. 

Top-notch UX

WooMond was built after 3000+ hours of research, design, development, and testing. So be confident about the user experience you’ll offer your customers. 

Group Products

You can create product groups to offer combo packages to your customers. This will help them to find essential products at once and increase your sale volume. 


Two primary languages are built-in for you in WooMond: English and Arabic. But you can integrate unlimited languages to give your users a native feel.

Multiple payments

Users can choose from COD (Cash on Delivery) or other digital payment methods at their will for product purchases. This feature allows users to easily checkout using their desired payment system. 

LTR & RTL-supported

WooMond is designed and developed to provide any language support. That includes LTR (Left to Right) and RTL (Right to Left) support. 

Payment gateways

Easily integrate payment gateways with pre-built modules such as PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, FlutterWave, and PayStack. But you can also introduce new payment gateways anytime you want. 

Maintenance mode

Admin can turn on the maintenance mode during system setup to notify users about new changes.

Clean & customizable code

The WooMond complete source code is neat, clean and ready to use. You can customize the code according to your business or client’s preference and create a unique flavor.

Social Share

Users can share their favorite products in WooMond via social media channels and let others know about your product. This feature will help your eCommerce business to create user-generated content, which will apparently bring more users to your store. 

Promotional banners

You can add different promotional banners to drive sales, such as the main banner. 

Notification bell-icon

The WooMond app has a notification bell icon that the user sees. Tapping on this icon will take the user to a dedicated notification page where he’ll find notifications on the latest deals, offers, and discounts. 

Double speed

We do not offer a mobile version of your WooCommerce website. We’ve developed the app in Flutter so that you can get a dedicated app for your WooCommerce that is specialized in mobile-friendly experience, giving you twice the speed of ordinary apps in the market. 


Users can save any favorite products in the wishlist to purchase them later. 

Promo/Coupon code

Customers can use promo/coupon codes during checkout to avail of a discount. 

Track order status

Customers can track their order status from the order page & know about its procedure.

Order history

After purchasing a product, a customer can see their order history from the order details page.   

Multiple billing addresses

Customers can add multiple billing addresses for product delivery, such as a home or work address. 

Flexible payment method

Customers can choose from different payment options at their flexibility, such as COD (Cash on Delivery) or digital payments. 

Single-tap deletion

A user can delete their account with a single tap without any hassle. 

Light & dark mode

The app can be set into two modes- light & dark for keeping a healthy eye-sight. 

Log in & log out option

Users can easily log in and out without going through the complex process each time. Once their account information is saved into the app’s backend, it’s very simple. 

Guest mode

User can use the WooMond app & check out to purchase a product in guest mode. 

Order details

Customers can check their order details from the order page. This will allow them to cross-check if the right product is delivered. The order details page includes an order tracking ID, shipping details, order quantity, seller details, payment details, etc.

Android & iOS  

WooMond is available in both Android & iOS versions so that you can reach your customers everywhere. 

Merge with any eCommerce business

No matter what your eCommerce business is, if it’s developed in WooCommerce, you can integrate with the WooMond flutter app easily.

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