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Flutter WooCommerce Admin App – Woocom Admin

Woocom Admin - Flutter Woocommerce Admin Mobile App
Woocom Admin – Flutter Woocommerce Admin App

Flutter WooCommerce Admin App – to manage your Woocommerce admin panel-customers, orders and track real-time sales reports and place the order against a customer. Flutter Woocom Admin app – will connect your woo-commerce site by REST API. You no need any customization into source code. You just install the Rest API Plugin in your WooCommerce site and active and collect your consumer key and consumer secret. Put your consumer key, consumer secret, and your woo-commerce hostname into a const file in source code. After put the value and run your code and you will see just magic. If you want to customize the source code, it also is so easy because we use a Bloc pattern for state management. You can run the app both Android and Ios. Because this code is made by Flutter. More Flutter  Templates

Product Features

Home Screen

  1. Information Home Screen page
  2. Total Customer Count
  3. Total Product count
  4. Total Order Count
  5. Sales Report
  6. Navigate to Customer Order Page
  7. Customer
  8. Customer List
  9. Customer Search Option
  10. New Customer Add
  11. Place an order against a customer


  1. Order List
  2. Order Search Option
  3. New Order
  4. Place an order
  5. Add to Cart
  6. Product list
  7. Product Search Option
  8. Product Filter By Category
  9. Product add and remove to cart
  10. Per product Credit value
  11. Total credit Value
  12. Total cart item show in the cart icon
  13. Go to cart Page

Place Order

  1. Ordered Product list
  2. Product add and remove to cart
  3. Per product Credit value
  4. Total credit Value
  5. Customer Details
  6. Add customer
  7. Total credit Value
  8. Customer Details
  9. Add customer
  10. Place to Order


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