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WhatsApp Redesign - React Native Social Media Messenger UI Kit Chat Messaging

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by GreenLeafStudios
WhatsApp Redesign - React Native Social Media Messenger UI Kit React native Chat & Messaging Mobile Uikit


WhatsApp Redesigned – React Native Social Media Messenger UI Kit

WhatsApp Redesigned – React Native UI Kit is a React Native social media template/framework which can be used to build social media/messaging app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Based on Ahmed Amziane’s WhatsApp Redesign concept

Why WhatsApp Redesigned?
WhatsApp Redesigned was built to help ease React Native developers the stress of building a social media/messaging app from scratch, thus leading to a reduction in production time.

Some of the features of this React Native template are Neat UI, user profile, friend’s/contact’s profile, working whatsapp status/stories, OTP pin code verification screen (just like whatsapp), email and password registration, login and forgot password screens, chats ui screen, messaging area screens with working emoji and camera, working QR codes capture, settings screen and lots more.

To see the rest of the features available in this template, download the Android demo app from WhatsAppRedesign.apk
or using this demo link 2 (GOOGLE DRIVE):



  1. Optimized for exceptional performance
  2. Easy to understand and use by React Native developers (both beginner and Advanced)
  3. 24+ beautiful screens and UI
  4. Neat, friendly and lovely UI
  5. Intro screen
  6. Onboarding Intro Sliders
  7. Phone number and country registration screen
  8. OTP pin code verification screen
  9. Login with email and password screen (alternative to phone registration/login)
  10. Password recovery screen
  11. Email and Password registration screen
  12. Chats List, Calls History, and Contacts Lists screen
  13. Contact call selection screen
  14. Phone Call screen
  15. Video Call screen
  16. Working WhatsApp Status/Stories screen
  17. Friends Profile Screen
  18. User Profile screen
  19. Messaging Area Screen
  20. Fully working Emoji icons for messages and stories
  21. Chat messages options dialog
  22. Fully working camera with front and back camera functionality, together with flashlight off/on
  23. User Sidebar Screen
  24. User stories/status screen
  25. User stories/status preview screen
  26. User favourites screen
  27. WhatsApp web screen
  28. Fully working WhatsApp web QR code scanner screen
  29. Settings screen
  30. About WhatsApp screen
  31. Feedback screen
  32. Country and Phone number picker/dialog
  33. React Native version 0.60.5
  34. Easy to remove unnecessary screens and customize to your liking
  35. Well documented, commented codes and easy to follow/edit
  36. Full time technical support
  37. ...and lots more!


The demo apk is available via these mediums: 1. DIRECT URL WhatsAppRedesign.apk

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