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WhatsApp Clone Flutter App Android and iOS template app

WhatsApp Clone Flutter App Android and iOS

Whoxa – Whatsapp Clone flutter App with Firebase (Audio/Video call)

Whoxa is a WhatsApp clone app. For chat we have used flutter firebase, this app can also be used as a chat app. This app supports Android and iOS platforms. Whoxa works with a real-time chat and also supports audio-video calls.

WhatsApp Clone Flutter App Android and iOS - 1
WhatsApp Clone Flutter App Android and iOS - 2

Download APP:

chat app

Demo Login Details APK:

Mobile No:+91 9824614016
Password: 123456

whatsapp clone
whatsapp clone

App Features List:

  • Welcome-Screen
  • Register With Mobile Number like Whatsapp
  • Country code picker
  • Profile
  • Real Time chat like Whatsapp
  • Locally Sotred Messages
  • Create new chat with existing app users from contacts / group chat
  • Create Broadcast message
  • Create new contact
  • Long press on a chat: pin chat, delete chat, archive, mute, mark as unread, view contact, select all chats
  • Search chats / messages / users / groups
  • Swipe to the right to the Status-Screen tab
  • Click on a chat will open the chat
  • Swipe to left to open camera tab
  • Click on a User Icon will show the user profile picture
  • User Setting
  • General-Starred-Messages-Screen
  • Click on chat-tab brings you to top of the chat list when you scrolled down before
  • Send text, images, files, videos, gifs, voice message
  • Start audio call, switch to Audio-Call-Screen
  • Start video call, switch to Video-Call-Screen
  • Share contact
  • Share Location
  • Long Press Animation
  • Select multiple messages long press
  • Possibility to open media overview screen
  • Block person
  • Group Exit

App Screenshots


Changelog & Update History

V1.0.2 | 03/02/2021
- Voice chat Fixed
- Search contact Fixed
- Upgrade Flutter
V1.0.1 | 02/02/2021
- Improve Audio/Video call
- Add Latest Location Dependency
- Fix Android compile issue

whatsapp clone


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    Updated on: 01 March 2021
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