Valentine's Heart Shaped Lottie JSON animated Icons - Animated Love Pack with After Effects

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Bring some love to your website or app with this Valentine’s Heart Shaped Lottie Icon pack. The pack includes a variety of heart-shaped icons with different animations that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. With both the JSON format and 100% editable After Effects project included, you have the flexibility to make color adjustments and use the icons in videos. The icons are scalable vector-based animations, making them easy to use with Lottie and the Lottie color editor can also be used to change colors.

You will get the following: ✔ 26 JSON animated icons ✔ 26 js Files ✔ 26 After Effects project for color adjustment ✔ 26 Html Files ✔ 100% Resizable ✔ Layered design

Compatibility: “The pack is compatible with a variety of platforms, including:

- WordPress, Elementor, Divi, WebFlow, BeaverBuilder for website building - Lottie Files, Bodymovin, Rive for animation - Wix, EditorX, Adalo, for mobile app development - Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 for productivity tools - Angular, Android, iOS, macOS, iPadOS for mobile operating systems - Appcelerator, NativeScript, Qt for app development frameworks - React Native, ReactJS, Skia, and Svelte for JavaScript libraries - Windows, Vue, Xamrain, and Fluter for cross-platform development - Python Module for programming languages”

Design: “The pack is designed with a layered structure, making it easy to edit and customize. The icons are perfect for adding a touch of romance to your website or app, or as a fun and interactive way to express love. Use them for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, and any other romantic occasion.”


- Scalable vector-based animations - JSON, js, Html format, and editable After Effects project for color adjustments - Compatible with a wide range of platforms and tools - Layered design for easy editing and customization - Perfect for expressing love and romance on Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions.

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