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Travel Application UI Design. This repository is an mobile application developed in Flutter base of the design of. I have tried to recreate the above design with few changes. Shown UI might change with updates given to UI.

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There is very simple splash screen that display in introduction text with a call to action button. Currently this will appear on every launch but can be changed with few changes. This page can also be used to show anu featured discounts or new arrivals at the launch of the app. This page contains all the travel packages and details about them. This page has statemanagement built with the provider package. Have added dummy data with fake delay to replicate fetching of API calls and API call can be made from . Places models are in , and need to edited to include the JSON for the required API calls. Bottom Nav bar is a dynamic nav bar thar responds to user's scroll inputs and hides and shows itselft upon scrolls.

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This page contains the details about a specific selected page. The data selected from previous page is not currently forwarded to this page. This can also be done with a few changes in future. Usage Instructions l Razi Siam

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alexignatovdeveloper@gmail.com2022-09-02 09:54:45

Wow, thank you for this template

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arshithsuresh2022-09-02 19:05:53

This template has been uploaded without my knowledge and Proper credits to the UI Designer is not given here.

Product Image Team2022-09-06 10:13:21

Hello dear @ARSHITHSURESH, thank you for writing to us.

You’re right. We want to attract as many cool flutter template authors, like you. Because we are a young project and looking for authors. We found your template on github and it’s free to use – it looks like a mit license.

Also, your email is available on github, so we posted your product and made you as product author.

We are in the process of creating an author’s cabinet, from there the author will be able to manage his products (delete, change, etc.)

If you’re not ok that we posted your template, we can delete it. Or you can wait until we finish the author’s office and you can manage your template automatically.

Have a nice day.

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