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Shopy -  Multivendor eCommerce, Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery Flutter App + Admin & Website - 1 Shopy -  Multivendor eCommerce, Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery Flutter App + Admin & Website - 2 Shopy -  Multivendor eCommerce, Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery Flutter App + Admin & Website - 3

Shopy is a Laravel, Flutter, and Vue Framework-based multi-vendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce & Pharmacy online platform.

We provide Customers, Seller & Delivery boys Flutter app (Android & iOS) with great features. Admin & Seller panel controls your shop and system, with a clear and minimal design.

What’s Included

  • Laravel Admin + Seller Panel (Laravel + Vue)
  • Customer Website (Vue)
  • Customer Flutter App


  • Module: Shopy contains food, grocery, eCommerce & pharmacy module. So most of the business done in those modules

  • Zone: Zone is a better option to represent your shop in your area. So customers can’t see you shop out of your zone

  • Shop Plan (Subscription): Seller can choose your best plan to start a shop. All plans have different advantages

  • Coupon: Offers can attract more customers as more revenues. Coupons have modules, zone, shop based & other controls

  • Wallet: Customer can add money into wallet and use it when ordering anything

  • POS: Point of Sales is useful to take orders at a shop or restaurant

  • Employee: If you need more than one person can control then create an employee for your shop

  • Role Based : Role is restrict uses of your employee. Security is our utmost priority

  • Notification : We use FCM notification for orders status. Admin can also send a notification for latest updates or new offers

  • Loyalty Wallet: Every order gives a loyalty point to the customer, and that point converts to the wallet money & purchase anything from wallet

  • Refer & Earn : When customer create an account it they enter referral. Then some money added to wallet.

  • Review System: Customer can provide a review to a particular shop, product, and delivery boy. So that other customers can see and make decisions.

  • Reports: Admin & Seller can see reports for every day or any range of dates. It helps to keep track of revenues

  • Addons : There is some product that can have many addons. So the seller can attach add-ons to that product

  • Units: Unit is useful for the same product with multiple options, Look like Pizza sizes are S, M, L

  • Dashboard: Admin and seller need to see everything in one place, It’s the dashboard. We provide beautiful with minimal design dashboard

  • Home Layout: Admin can control what see’s on the customer app home. So admin can advertise any shop and products

  • Invoice: When an order is created the customer will receive an invoice over a mobile number and email. They can also access from the mobile app

  • Order OTP : OTP is send over mobile and apps. It needs when the delivery boy delivers any orders.

  • Print: You can print an invoice if you have attached printers or download a pdf for the order.

  • Newsletter: Customer can join your newsletter, Where admin can see all the subscribers and sent a promotional email to all

  • File Manager: Admin can see all images (Files) in a panel. So it will use when editing or creating any products

  • Category : Category & sub category useful at search and filter out products.

  • Assign Delivery: When an order is ready the delivery boy automatically assigns that order or the seller can also assign manually

  • & Much more : Their so many other features available. You need to take a look at the admin panel.

Note: Test full product before purchase. If you have any other questions or need any help mail us at


v1.1.1 (Feb 7, 2023)
- Added: Redesigned customer web
- Added: Coupon page
- Other bug fixes

v1.1.0 (Feb 2, 2023)
- Added: Fully Responsive Design (Across all devices)
- Added: Enhanced FCM Notification (With Images)
- Added: Import Product from xlsx (Bulk)
- Added: Customer Preference (Favorite category)
- Added: Low stock
- Added: the "Recommended For You" section in the customer Home screen
- Improve: Search filter using customer preference
- Improve: Use a dynamic user profile image & Add a better placeholder
- Improve: The food module can add products to the cart direct from the search screen
- Improve: Make invoice better to view
- Improve: Cache network requests, results
- Improve: Add shop information in the delivery app
- Other bug fixes
v1.0.1 (Jan 21, 2023)
- Fix: Minor bugs
v1.0.0 (Jan 20, 2023)
- Initial released

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