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Serverless Angular 2 - Bootstrap 4 Web App Template Starter with Membership

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by codecanyon
Serverless Angular 2 - Bootstrap 4 Web App Template Starter with Membership  Miscellaneous


Serverless Angular 2 – Bootstrap 4 Web App Template with Cloud Membership

What’s New?
3/24/17 - Updating to fix issue with missing tooling dependencies
3/22/17 - Updated to work with latest version of the Angular CLI

This is a great template to use to start a serverless web app using Angular 2 (uses the Angular CLI) as the javascript framework and Bootstrap 4 for styling. This is a cloud-first template in terms of membership.

You get two great advantages with this starter. First, your template is is connected to a massively scalable membership system, which you can manage through Amazon Web Services (AWS) console. We have done the work of implementing the code to connect to AWS Cognito User Pools, all you need to do is 1) set up a User Pool in your AWS account (you can use AWS free for 1 year; and 2) add some account information where indicated.

<a href=" rel="nofollow">Check out the demo!!</a>
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  • Cloud first membership implementation including Sign In, Sign Up, Password Recovery, Email Verification and more.
  • Charts starter
  • Calendar starter
  • Countdown starter
  • E-Signature starter
  • HTML5 Video Player starter
  • Image Cropping starter
  • Infinite Scrolling starter
  • Starter implementation of Desandro Masonry Module
  • Sortable starter
  • Bonus! News Aggregator starter
  • Bonus! Spotify App starter
  • Do you know Bootstrap? Then you can completely redesign every aspect of the application

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