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Native Android App built-in Android Studio

Rummy is a group of matching-card games notable for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which can be either sets or runs and either be first to go out or to amass more points than the opposition.

Easily Customisable – This is the complete product well tested and well organized but still our team is working to improve this. Anyone can get code and if he has programming knowledge he can change it as per their requirements. Don’t Buy from any other place they will not provide any support. This app requires support to start. You can directly connect at

Technology: – It is totally developed in such a way that you can easily customize it with simple code. Here we are using Native Android code to develop it anyone can change its UI and feature. Also can run very easily with Android Studio with minimal memory in your system. 


  • APK Demo Enter Otp 9999 while Register
  • You can Register with your mobile number to Play Multiplayer since this is multiplayer game so register with 2 or multiple mobiles. Or You can use Mob – 9594340066 and Password – 123456.-

Admin Panel Demo:

We have added mostly all feature in panel where you can manage it.

APP Features:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Login with mobile number
  3. Forget password
  4. Register
  5. Referral code concept
  6. Daily bonus
  7. Game Background Sound
  8. Privacy policy
  9. Terms & Conditions
  10. Support
  11. Profile image
  12. Profile details- personal information only
  13. Invite friends and earn money
  14. Contact Us
  15. Share app
  16. Log out
  • Point Rummy
    • - 2 player option
    • - Select Point value from list and Join
    • - How to play
    • - Card grouping
    • - Card grouping naming
    • - If invalid group, show invalid card point
    • - Invite option via link
    • - Card Animation when opponent picks a card
    • - Drag and Drop card
    • - Display name game details(Game id, Game type, Prize amount)
    • - Drop option
    • - Declare & Declare back option(If not selected declare back then after 30 secs it will automatically declare back)
    • - Timer option
    • - 3 chances for timer
    • - Result Table with point calculation

 Admin panel:

  • Sign in option with username, password 
  • Admin can update profile with Username and password .


Admin Coin

  • Admin can see tip logs & Commission log Details. 
  • Search option 

Active User

  • Active User Displayed user count

Total user:

  • In Total User You can view Name, Bank Details, Aadhar Card, Mobile, Email, User type, User Category.
  • Also you can add robots.
  • Excel Download option

Total Purchase:

  • Admin can view Username, Plan id, Coins, Price, Added date.
  • Purchase history management.
  •  You can download Excel.

User Management:


  • You can view user listing
  • Admin have rights to change status Active or block
  • Admin can add wallet amount
  • You can Download excel Pdf


  • You can view Action, Banner, Image1, Image 2….etc
  • In Action admin can edit the Banner.
  • You can update image on game website

Rummy Management

Point Table Master Management:

  • Admin can add Boot Value and pool point
  • You can edit and delete rummy pool management entries.
  • You can view Pool Point, Boot Value, and Added date.

Rummy Point History:

  • You can view Game Id, Time, Winner, Winning Amount, User Amount, and Admin Commission.


  • You can view Username, Total Coins win
  • Search option

Welcome Bonus

  • You can view Coins, Game Play needed, Action
  • In Edit (You can enter Day, Game Play needed, Coin, Update)
  • You can manage the bonus , if he plays any one game then only he can collect the bonus(optional)
  • Bonus will be credited for only 6 days


  1. Mobile number field
  • Display contact us number in the app
  1. Referral Coins
  • User will get the referral coins if player joins from referral code
  • You can add contact us, terms condition, support, privacy policy details from admin panel it will be displayed on app
  1. App version
  • You will get pop up message for latest version update in the app
  1. Bonus
  • Yes /no option you can manage this from admin panel whether to give bonus to player or not
  1. Bonus amount
  • You will receive set amount on register once

Extended Version

  • Rebranding of the app (logo and Theme changes only)
  • Deployment and Setup (Digitalocean Server Only)

You will receive code when you purchase:

  • Android Studio Code(Native App)
  • Php CI Code for API
  • PHP CI Admin Panel

Full Version 

Note -  For Full version Please connect over

App Feature:

  • All Above Features
  • 6 Player Playing option 
  • Hint option for Making Set or Sequence 
  • Bot option to play without User
  • Admin commission concept
  • Option to add Bank Details 
  • KYC Option for Users 
  • Update password  
  • Add money with Statement  
  • Wallet Statement
  • Spin and win
  • Withdraw option
  • Game History
  • Withdraw history
  • Transactions History
  • Lucky Slot Spin


 Admin panel:

Rummy Bot

  • On/Off option for Robot in Point rummy

User Management:


  • You can add robot
  • You can edit robot information 
  • You can view all game log detail
  • We can view Ledger report

User Category:

  • You can view Name, Amount, Percentage, added date, Action
  • Admin can Edit or Delete  Name, Amount & Percentage then update
  • We can manage the user as per category wise(Gold, silver,    Platinum)


  •  Admin  can view Username, PAN Number, Adhar Number ,Status, Added date, Action)
  • In Action you can view documents.
  •  In pending Approved and Rejected option

Bank Details:

  • You can view Username, Bank name, IFSC code, Account Holder Name, Account number, Passbook

Withdrawal Dashboard:

Purchase (Online, Offline, Robot Coin)

  • You can view Username, Plan Id, Coins, Price, Added date
  • Excel sheet download & Search option


  • Welcome Referral bonus, referral bonus and Purchase bonus displayed value.

Withdrawal ( Approved, Pending, Rejected)

  • Pending:  you can view Username, Bank Details, Aadhar Number, UPI, Mobile, Unit, Status)
  • Pending & Rejected: You can view Username, Mobile, Coin, and Status.
  • Game Id, Time, Winner, Winning Amount, User Amount, and Admin Commission.

Chips Management 

  • Admin can add chips (unit ,Price Title)
  • You can edit or delete Chips.
  • In edit option you can edit (unit ,Price Title)
  • You can manage add cash from admin which will reflect in the app

Gift Management

  • Admin can add gift (enter name, Image, coin & submit)
  • You can Edit or delete Gift
  • In Edit Option (You can enter name, Image, coin & submit) 
  • You can send gift to player and coins will be deducted from the sender

Purchase history

  • Managed purchase history
  • You can Download Excel 
  • You can view Username, Plan Id, Coins, Price, Added date
  • When money is added from app it will be displayed here


  • Admin can Add notification (Message, Send)
  • You can view Message & Added date
  • You can send notification message which display to all users

Redeem Management

  • Admin can Add (You can enter Title, Coin, Amount, Image, Submit)
  • You can view Title, Coin, Amount, Image, Added Date, and Action)
  • You can Edit and delete (enter Title, Coin, Amount, Image, and Update)

Withdrawal Log 

Pending (you can view Username, Bank details, Adhar, UPI, Mobile, Unit, Status)

  • Approved (You can view Username, Mobile, Coin, Status)
  • Rejected (You can view Username, Mobile, Coin, Status)


  1. Game permission
  • You can on/off any number of games which will disappear the respective game from the app
  1. Referral level 1 ,2,3
  • Referral coins will be received based on the levels
  1. Referral id
  • In invite option on homepage the Referral Id is displayed if user share the referral id with player then the user will get referral coins
  1. Referral link
  • In invite option on homepage the user can send referral link(Facebook, Whatsapp & mail) to player then the user will get referral coins
  1. Game for private
  • If game is set with private value 1 from admin panel then you cannot play any private game unless you have played any other game
  • You can manage the game from private
  1. Admin commission
  • You can set the commission value  from admin panel
  1. App
  • You can upload apk file from here(for new version)in game website
  1. Logo
  • You can upload or change logo for game website
  1. Payment gateway
  • Razorpay(Razorpay API key & secret key to be entered)
  • Whatsapp(whatsapp number you can add and the purchase can share screenshot on his whatsapp number)
  • Cashfree(Cashfree Client id & secret key)
  • Paytm( paytm merchant id, merchant key)
  • PayUmoney(Key & salt)
  • UPIfreeway(UPI merchant id, UPI secret key), Atompay 
  • Custom(UPI id- can be any)
  1.  Currency Change Option
  • You can change coin, rupee, dollar
  1. Payment stage(TEST & PROD)
  • Test(Pay dummy option),
  • PROD - Original payment option
  1. Share text
  • The text will be displayed in the profile details when you share the link to friends
  1. Bank Detail field
  • You can edit the bank detail title in the user profile option
  1. Aadhar Card no. field
  • You can edit the bank detail title in the user profile option
  1. UPI Field
  • You can edit the UPI field title in the user profile option

Maintenance (Server & Database):

  • Linux based any VPS or Cpanel (Recommended DigitalOcean)
  • Php installed with curl on and Apache Mysql or nginix or Mariadb

Development Tools:

  • Java Android and XML
  • Php Ci and Bootstrap HTML 5





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