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Reala - Property Listing NEXT.JS, Strapi app Next Js Miscellaneous

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by codecanyon codecanyon
Reala - Property Listing NEXT.JS, Strapi app Next.js Miscellaneous


Reala is a property listing application built using NEXT.JS and Strapi. It allows users to browse and search for properties, view detailed information and photos, and contact the property owner or agent. It also provides a user-friendly interface for property owners and agents to manage their listings and communicate with potential renters or buyers. With the power of Strapi and NEXT.JS, it provides a fast, secure and scalable way to manage property listings.

Main Features

  • Next.js 13 & Strapi 4.6
  • Rent & Sale both options available for listings
  • All property listings fetching from Strapi backend
  • All blog posts fetching from Strapi backend
  • Mailchimp subscription option
  • Working contact form
  • Online documentation

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