React Native - Restaurant finder app template

by vladconstantinescu


Foodie is a React Native Theme consist of 20+ screens with all UI components you might need for your next Restaurant Application. This project does not contain any back end functionality and its purpose is to provide you with almost all Front End component to get started with your Restaurant Application.

In order to use the template or edit it you will need npm and react-native-cli installed.


Extract the files and open project folder.

# cd into folder project and install dependencies
cd foodie && npm install

# start react native packager
react-native start

# run the application on your phone or simulator
react-native run-android

What’s inside

  • 20+ screens
  • Organized app structure that can be easily scaled
  • Reusable components

Folder struture

  • src – This folder is the main container of all the code inside your application
  • api – Contains fake api data for the application (You can modify the components to fetch data from a REST api
  • assets – Asset folder to store all images, vectors, etc
  • components – Contains all application components built with react
  • constants – This folder contains application Theme constant
  • navigation – Here you can find the navigation setup files
  • screens – This folder contains all of the application screens

Read the full documentation

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