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React Native Redux Firebase Chat

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“React Native Redux Firebase”

Getting Started

– Chat in Real time with Firebase

– Awesome and beautiful U/I – U/X

– Authentication Sign in and Sign up with Firebase

– User list with avatar

– Global state management with Redux

– Push notifications for APN and FCM (Andorid – iOS)

Getting Started

1. Make sure you have installed “Nodejs”, if you do not have it you can download it here: https://nodejs.org/en/

2. Now you need to install “Homebrew” (assuming you have a macbook), you can download it here: https://brew.sh/

3. Run this command in your terminal (console): “brew install watchman”.

4. Install the React Native tools “react-native-cli”, open your console or terminal and execute “npm install -g react-native-cli”.

– For more information you can go here:
https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started (For now you don’t need expo-cli, you can work based in a real project).

5. Now you need Android Studio with the SDKs and the environments variables here you have a little guide that can you help you: https://dev.to/rob117/how-to-really-set-up-a-react-native-environment-on-mac-248h. For Xcode don’t need a specific configuration.

Cool, you’re doing great! now you got all to start configuring the project:

6. Run the next commands in the next order:

– $ npm install (install all the dependencies).

– $ react-native eject (generate the Android and iOS folders).

– $ react-native link (linking all the libraries needed).

– For the Push Notifications on iOS you need to follow this instructions: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/pushnotificationios.html – *optional

Important: You should have configured the iOS certificates. – *optional

– Try to Sync Gradle on Android Studio. – *optional

– Adds the assets on Android (icon & plash screen). – *optional

– $ react-native run-android (run in Android) – you should connected a device or a simulator running.

– $ react-native run-ios (run in iOS)

– Replace the firebase configuration with your own account.

If you have any question, you can contact with me.

Thank you for visiting this awesome project.


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