React Native Login & Register with Firebase Auth

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by ruben-sindrestean


This product offers a fully functionable login and register system implemented with Firebase Auth. It works with: email address & password and also using Facebook. The design is simple yet modern looking. This product is the best choice if you want to start a product from scratch and you want to save 50 hours of development. 


  • Custom fonts (you can add/replace fonts) -> the current font is Roboto
  • Cache for images/fonts
  • Dark / Light mode already implemented
  • Auth context (you can add more variables to it anytime and access them from any screen) 
  • 9 working screens
  • Redux implemented with AsyncStorage (for client-side savings) -> you can replace it if you want with redux-persist
  • Dynamic theme (using React Context) -> you can customize colors, font sizes, icon sizes and mostly everything in real time
  • Firebase Auth implemented, so adding any other login method will take no longer than 5 minutes
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions included with the app
  • Pre-loading functionality -> the user will get a smooth experience
  • RegEx to identify valid emails
  • Clean code and well documented


Access the link: here


Simply write us a message if you have any problems with the product and we will fix them as soon as possible. You can find the tutorial for the installation here 


We do not offer refunds if you already downloaded the project. Please be thoughtful about other’s work, thank you! 

Live test with Expo App (available on Apple Store & Google Play): click here



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