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React Native Firebase Auth Database Android

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by ptupi
React Native Firebase Auth Database React native Developer Tools Mobile App template


Build your awesome React Native app from this easy to use app template.


To setup your project I’ve developed a document with step-by-step instructions. This document is located inside the app docs folder (“{projectName}/docs/index”). To see the instructions you just need to open it on your web browser.


1) Firebase Authentication and Database

2) Easy to implement and use

3) Sign in/sign up via e-mail

4) Sign out from logged account

5) Forgot password function implemented

6) Well documented code to help you start

7) Organized and clean code to help you understand

Beautiful components like buttons, alerts and inputs, totally customizable

Please contact me via e-mail if you have any trouble and/or feedback. I’ll be there to help your entire setup! See you soon.


SKYPE live:p.tupinambas

TWITTER @p_tupinambas

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