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POS – Point of sales & Inventory Management Flutter app with Firebase


POS – Point of sales & Inventory Management  is a free point-of-sale app that enables you to sell anywhere and in any way, your customers want to buy.

Payments, items, inventory, Statistics — are all integrated with your point of sale.

No startup fees, monthly fees, or termination fees. 

User can Manage there store from anywhere . This app is make with Firebase. NO admin panel needed


Demo Apk



Feature :

  • Signup Sign In with Otp Via Firebase
  • Multiple Account create by different Number
  • Using Cloud FireStore Database for Store All Data
  • Manage your sales seamlessly
    - Sell from a smartphone or tablet
    - Accept payment from any where and add it
    - Save and manage pending bills
  • Manage your shop
    - Manage Your shops With Verious benifits like currecncy setting,exchange rate 
    - Find The Sell Memo
    - Manage unique selling products in your shops
  • Inventory Management
    - List Your All Product in POS
    - LIst By Catagory 
    - View/ adjust stock levels through Stock Adjustments. Rectify difference.
    - Manage multiple inventory-based actions
  • Customer Loyalty
    - Add customer To POS
    - Use detailed reports to learn more about customers/ purchase trends
    - Edit Customer Details
    - Delete From Pos
  • Credit Sales and Debtor Management (Settlement)
    - Access debtor profiles, payment cycles and accept settlements, from any location
    - Give Discount
    - Get percentage of settlement on total outstanding for each customer and payment type
    - Manage credit notes or Debit Note directly from the POS app. 
  • search Item By filtering .
  • Select item by Barcode
  • See All sell by filtering like last week today etc
  • Currency setting 
  • Notification system
  • Dark Mode added
  • Multiple Language supported
  • And More

Update v2: 

  •     Download Memo option Added


Some Screen :











Excellent Support

  • I do quickly answer your questions.only extended license holder will get support from us
  • I do care about your apps as much as you and I will help you in any way possible.
  • Free Lifetime Updates – get all the new features I add in each future update for free.

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