Otrixweb - React Native Ecommerce Application With Laravel Admin Panel

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Otrixweb E-commerce
Native Complete Application With Laravel Admin

Otrixcommerce is the complete solution for your next React Native Application.

You don’t need to create e-commerce application from scratch we have all ready developed
functinality,wishlist functinality and covered all e-commerce components just implement your api and build your
awesome e-commerce project.

Application UI is compatible for both Android and iOS,Clean code,easy to understand,easy to customize and fully
build using
React Hooks.

E-commerce Components :
list,categories,banners,search,filter,coupon,cart,wishlist,orders,auth,setting,etc and
more coming soon.

Push Notification :
Push notification when order status change.

Multi Language :
RTL supported and also you can add more language as per your requirements

This application comes with Laravel Admin panel and build in API.

We are also provide you postman collection for api debugging

Application Features

  • Built with React Native 0.68.0
  • Well structured components
  • Easy to customize
  • 45+ Resuable Components and screens
  • With cart functionality
  • Push Notification
  • Multi Language
  • RTL Supported
  • With wishlist functionality
  • Skelton view available
  • Payment functionality implemented
  • With login,social login,register and logout
  • Laravel api implemented
  • Complete Application for your next React


Admin Features

  • Built with Laravel 9.x
  • 23+ Build in modules
  • Product Managment
  • Multi level categories
  • Role & Permission based modules
  • Sales Managment
  • CMS modules
  • Product with options,attributes,availibilty and
  • Laravel REST API
  • Customer Managment and many more modules
  • Easy to understand
  • Complete E-commerce Laravel admin panel

Try Android Application Now

Otrixcommerce App

Admin Panel

URL: https://otrixcommerce.in/admin

Email: admin@mail.com

Password: 123456



Version Info:

  • React Native : 0.68.0

  • Redux : 7.2.8

  • Redux Saga : 1.1.3

  • Native Base : 3.3.10

  • React : 17.0.2

What you get?

  1. Laravel Admin & API Sourece Code
  2. React Native Source Code
  3. Postman Collection
  4. Database File
  5. Complete Documentation

Start your next E-commerce project with build in React Native.

Version 1.0.0 – (03-25-2022)

-first release version.    

Version 1.1.0 – (04-14-2022)

 -Upgrade laravel 9.x 
 -Change routing system
 -Bugs fixed

Version 1.2.0 – (06-07-2022)

 -Upgrade React Native 68.0 
 -Push Notification 
 -Multi Language 
 -RTL Supported
 -Admin side multiple language added
 -Bug Fixing
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