Nearme - Ionic 3 Starter for Location Based Apps

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Nearme 5 is now available with Ionic 4 Support!


Nearme 4 is now available with brand new slick design, push notifications, Facebook login and more!


Nearme is a starter for location based apps built with Ionic 3. It works with iOS 10+ and Android 7.0+.

This starter comes with an portal admin where you can manage categories, places, deals, slider images, users, reviews and send push notifications to users.

Main Features

  • Nearby, featured and most recent places.
  • Nearby places via Google Maps.
  • Filter places by Category.
  • View Deals.
  • Actions like call to place, directions by map and open external website.
  • Publish and view reviews.
  • Add places.
  • Image slider.
  • User authentication.
  • Login by Facebook.
  • Password recovery.
  • Multi-language
  • PWA support.
  • Monetization with AdMob.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Push notifications.



  • App source code
  • Admin portal source code
  • Documentation

Do you need customization or installation services? We are available for hire! Contact us


4.0.0 – 25/Jun/2018

Mobile app:

New and better design!
New home screen.
New page with deals.
Featured places.
Added @ angular/animations.
Added ionic-image-loader to save the images in cache.
Added Google Maps JS SDK instead of native version.
Updated dependencies and plugins.
Updated Service Worker to improve PWA support.
Support for push notifications.
Support for Facebook Login.
Support for iOS 11 and iPhone X.
Support for Ionic 3.9.2 and Angular 5.
Bug fixes.

Admin Portal:

New section to send notifications to users.
New section to manage deals.
Support for Parse Server 2.8.2.
Code optimization.
Bug fixes.

v3.2.0 – 14/Jun/2017

Updated Ionic to 3.3.0 with Lazy Loading support
Added header color plugin (only Android)
Added BrowserTab to open external pages
Added missing translations
Fixed upload profile image
Fixed other minor issues
Updated Parse Server to 2.4.2 (CMS)
Improved database and Parse Server error handling (CMS)
Added New Relic support (CMS)
Removed Parse Rest API Key (unused)

If you’re updating from 3.1.0, update your package.json to match the following dependencies, remove existing node_modules directory, and then run npm install.

v3.1.0 – 16/Mar/2017

Fixed bugs in Map View
Updated Ionic to 2.2.0 and Angular to 2.4.8
Updated CallNumber plugin in config.xml
Fixed other minor issues
Improved Dockerfile (CMS)
Updated Favicon (CMS)
Fixed minor CSS issues (CMS)

If you’re updating from 3.0.0, update your package.json to match the following dependencies, remove existing node_modules directory, and then run npm install.

v3.0.0 – 17/Dec/2016

Initial release

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