Myclinic - Doctors Appointment Booking App (Admin + Patient) | Complete Solution | Flutter

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Myclinic - Doctors Appointment Booking App (Admin + Patient) | Complete Solution | Flutter Flutter Travel Booking & Rent Mobile App template


Myclinic – Doctors Appointment Booking App (Admin + Patient) | Complete Solution | Flutter

Myclinic is a complete solution for the clinic and hospital booking system. it included two apps Admin and Patient. where Admin app helps to manage your appointment and all features of Patient app. while Patient app makes your all appointment from the users and serves awesome features.


Admin App

Admin id:
Password: 12345678
Doctor id:
Password: 12345678Aa@ media&token=f62b633b-6d8c-4865-9cfb-6870839b820f

This app has an awesome feature and the best UI/UX. By this, anyone can easily take appointment with this app. You can increase your item on all the Screens and manage it with codes. Myclinic app will help you to develop a full package by customizing the code easily. You can also use this app to create any new page of your existing application. Myclinic app is a very good booking appointment solution for Doctors or hospitals. App is useful for Dentists, Orthopedist, Gynecologist, and many doctors to book their online appointments.

Patient App Features

  • Log in with Mobile number and OTP (Firebase)
  • Registration page (if user never registered before, first time login)
  • Book appointment
  • Cancel appointment
  • Appointment
  • Make Payments
  • Make Video Call
  • Submit Feedback
  • Prescription
  • Service
  • About us
  • Testimonials
  • Gallery
  • Availability of clinic time
  • Reach us
  • Contact us
  • Notification
  • Read Blog
  • User profile
  • User can edit their profile

Admin App (Doctor App) Features

  • Log in with email and password (Firebase)
  • Appointment ( pending, reject, confirmed, reschedule, visited,search by id and name )
  • Prescription (add, update and delete)
  • Service (add, update and delete)
  • Multi City (add, update and delete
  • Multi Clinic (add, update and delete
  • Multi Doctor (add, update and delete
  • Multi Department (add, update and delete)
  • Manage video call (add, update and delete)
  • Check Feedback
  • Testimonials (add, update and delete)
  • Gallery (add, update and delete)
  • Timing of clinic (clinic opening and closing time, launch time, clinic off date duration)
  • Availability of clinic time ( update )
  • Types of appointment (add, update and delete)
  • Setting (close online booking, handle issues box)
  • Users’ details (search by id and name, update)
  • Banner image ( update )
  • Notification (add,send)
  • Blog (add,update,delete)


Patient And Doctor Video Call


Paypal Payment Gateway


Razorpay Payment Gateway (India)


V1.4.3 | 11-01-2021

Added Video Calling Feature (jitsi)

V1.4.0 | 09-10-2021

Added Multi clinic

Added Multi City

Added Doctors Login

Added SMTP Service For Reset Possword Mail

V1.3.0 | 24-09-2021

Added Paypal Payment Gateway

Added Rzorpay Payment Gateway

Added Multiple Doctors Feature

Added Multiple Department Feature

Added Patient Feedback Feature

Added Video Calling Feature (Through Google meet)

V1.2.0 | 21-06-2021

Added Demo Database for testing

V1.1.0 | 02-06-2021

Added Prescription feature

V1.0.0 | 05-11-2021

Initial Release

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