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moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator

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by DigitalBorder
moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator Ionic  Mobile App template


moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator - 1

UPDATE: 06/01/2020 i’m working on a big update of engine, at this moment for ios you can’t generate app to publish on Appstore, you can only generate an ipa file and distribuite by other ways… for android everything is ok.

Do you have a Wordpress website?

Get moZable plugin to generate your Mobile apps in few seconds!

This plugin is compatible with all wp version and allow you to get real mobile apps based on ionic cordova framework.

moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator - 2

For android the apk is instant generated. For iOS you have to open the zip file with your xcode to build the ipa, this operation is required because you have to use your certificate. In a future release there may be the automatic export of the ipa.

How does it work?

Very simple, follow these steps:

  • Download plugin
  • Install on your website
  • Get your apps (apk and ios project)
  • Publish on Play store and Appstore
moZable plugin generates web view apps and they will show responsive version of your website.


  • Easy install
  • Free Push notifications Android & iOS by Google Firebase
  • Codeless
  • Android & iOS
  • Supported by author

moZable - Instant Mobile App Generator - 3

Video demostration

  • Video 1 – Install plugin and first app generation
  • Video 2 – How to configure push notifications

Have you published an app on AppStore or Google Play Store?

If you have published your apps, please consider to share your experience and the apps links, i would like to create a case history

Send me an email:

Thank you!


The apps generated are WebApps and sometimes Apple rejects this kind of app in the Appstore. If instead you want to generate the .ipa app and distribute it on other stores there are no problems.

Geolocation and Whtasapp external link are not supported right now.


27/01/2019 - v3.3
Added cache option
Added custom homepage url
General Bugfixing

20/01/2019 - v3.2
Enabled cache on App
Fixed some php notice
Deprecated version 2.4

19/10/2018 - v3.1 Beta
HTTPS Bug fixed

19/10/2018 - v3.0
- New generation process
- iOS bugfixing
- Android splash and icon bugfixing
- Android keystore generation fixed 
- Android install apk from qrcode

28/06/2018 - v2.4
- New engine browser to open all website also google facebook and more
- Fixed blank page in many websites with iframe protection
- Improved speed
- Fixed video player bugs
- Add "key name" field on keystore upload details to upload your keystore
- Remove top bar option

12/06/2018 - v2.3
- Fixed splash screen problem on iOS version
- Increase splash screen size to 2732x2732 px
- Fixed minor bugs

05/05/2018 - v2.2
- Fixed minor bugs
- Plugin interface improvements

06/04/2018 - v2.0
- Removed Onesignal push notification
- Added Firebase Push Notification
- Added form to send push from plugin
- New youtube tutorial to setup push notifications
- Enabled Whatsapp external link

01/03/2018 - v1.5
- New interface
- Enabled iOS push notification
- Bug fixes

20/02/2018 - v1.3
- Connection improvement
- Minor bugs fixes 

15/02/2018 - v1.2
- Fixed https connection issue

13/02/2018 - Initial Release v1.0

Product tags

    • 6 month free support included from author
    • Free lifetime product updates guarantee
    • 360 degrees quality control
    Secure payment & money back guarantee

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