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Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress Wordpress Navigation And Menus Interface Elements

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by codecanyon codecanyon
Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress


Struggling to work with large menus? Try the Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress

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The WordPress 3 Menu Management System is excellent, but it can be a bit cumbersome if you’re managing many menu items. The Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress aims to improve the menu management user experience.

  • Manage large numbers of menu items with ease
  • Expand and collapse menu item trees
  • Quickly jump to any top level menu item
  • Enhanced drag & drop jump-to-item functionality
  • View menu item IDs
  • Child and descendant menu item counts at a glance

The Menu Management Enhancer is a back-end (it won’t affect anything your site visitors see) administrative utility for WordPress which improves your menu management experience. It affects only the Appearance > Menus screen. If you have more menu items than fit on your screen, this plugin can enhance your menu management experience.

Try it with UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin!

Is your Appearance > Menus Admin Panel running slowly in WordPress 3.6 or 3.7? Try the Faster Appearance > Menus plugin (there is an inefficiency in WordPress core)


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • jQuery 1.8.2+ (comes with WordPress 3.5+)
  • Use of the WordPress 3 Navigation Menu System
  • Use of a modern browser, like Firefox or Chrome. (It does seem to work with IE, but considering this is a back-end script, that won’t officially be supported. Just use Chrome ).

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sausage.js by Christopher Cliff



* Replaced deprecated jQuery .size() function with .length for compatibility with future jQuery versions

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