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Kids All in One App is one package that helps your kids to improve their Nursery knowledge in a visual way to learn & remember various important basic elements about their school course or subjects. Various categories included in App such as Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Flowers, Alphabets, Numbers, Dry fruits, Birds, Months, Week Days, Transportation, Occupations, Foods, Stationary, Directions, Body Parts, Sports, Festivals, Music Instrument, Nature, Seasons, Countries and many more.

Your kids will enjoy learning using this app. It is designed to help kids gain knowledge by using cute pictures and amusing the user interface. A Kid All in One is quite simple and easy to use. Have your child swipe images around the screen to view and hear the name pronounced. The amazing graphics, beautiful colors, fantastic animation, and excellent background music make the gameplay intriguing, and the kids inquisitive to learn. The App has the most extra thing is Paint which has a different drawing picture with attractive design, color picker, brush, and so on.

Application Features:

  • Easy to use Interface for kids
  • Included 30-Categories
  • Attractive, colorful designs and pictures for kids
  • Kids learns to identify objects by their names
  • Professional pronunciation of words for child’s correct learning
  • Days of the week for kids free and Logical apps for toddlers
  • Background Music of letters, Shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet
  • Explain part of the body with graphics and background music
  • Baby learn real English words
  • Help parents teach their kids
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Your child can navigate it easily by himself
  • Ability to mute background music when required
  • The app is adapted to be handled easily
  • Randomly generated memory games
  • Share your creativity on Facebook, WhatsApp & other social media
  • App supported for both Android and iOS
  • Google Admob Ads: Banner & Interstitial
  • Rate the app on Google Play Store and App Store
  • Provide feedback through email

Project Version:

  • Flutter 2.5.3 – channel stable
  • Dart 2.14.4

What You Get:

  • Full Source Code for Android & iOS (Flutter)
  • SQFlite Database
  • Documentation
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Questions and Support


Skype: chirag.vadukia

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Version 1.2 (01/04/2022)

- Support Android API 32

Version 1.1 (03/02/2022)

- Parent control for settings module.

Version 1.0 (31/01/2022)

- Initial version
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