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IonWp – Ionic Phonegap/Cordova WordPress App

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IonWp is a WordPress to Android/iPhone app template built using ionic. This cordova/phonegap template will help you to easily convert your WordPress blog to Android, IPhone App. IonWp is built using Angulasjs and Ionicframework which makes it is easy for users to create WordPress android apps using latest web technologies.

Features of IonWp WordPress App

  • WordPress to Android/Iphone
  • PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Built using AngularJs
  • Easy WordPress Integration
  • Admob Integration
  • PhoneGap build ready
  • Recent WordPress posts
  • Featured posts in home page
  • Categories and Tags
  • Authors
  • Monthly archives
  • WordPress post with comments
  • Contact form ready

Download Demo Android App

Read Before Purchase

You need to install Cordova/Phonegap/Ionic your own. We will not provide support for installation but still we can help you with small issues related to cordova or ionic.






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