IonicWoo - Full Ionic Android,Ios App Integrated With Woocommerce And Paypal

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IonnicWoo is an Ionic WooCommerce Full Application for Android and iOS. We create this app to easily connecting your WooCommerce website with hybrid mobile application (Android & iOS). Just follow our documentation and and your app is ready to run.

In this version,This app has features that will bring your business into the apps. You can manage your products, categories and orders from WooCommerce dashboard and it will connect with the apps. We add PayPal as your payment gateway you can also use COD and bank transfer.Its also add signin and signup feature.

Don’t be hesitate to contact us and tell us what feature do you need. We will keep update this project and keep learning to the next project. If you have any question to ask, feel free to contact us on

Don’t waste your time to develop app just buy this and grow your business. We will keep update all features and themes.

Online Documentation

Its comes with a quality documentation makes easier for buyer to make customization process easy

Online Documentation


IonicWoo - Full Ionic Android,Ios App Integrated With Woocommerce And Paypal - 1
IonicWoo - Full Ionic Android,Ios App Integrated With Woocommerce And Paypal - 2

  • Push Notifications (New)
    It is fully integrated with one signal you can send push notification from one signal dashboard
  • This app using WooCommerce REST API to
    Connect your WooCommerce products and categories with the Android and iOS app.
  • Sigin / Signup using WordPress account
    Your customer can use their account to login in this app. And new customer can signup from the apps.
  • Product Category / Subcategory
    You can add category and subcategory from WooCommerce with pictures in dashboard and it will be shown in your apps
  • PayPal Gateway
    Your customer can pay their order using their PayPal account.
    your customer can pay by scanning their credit cards from app
  • Cart Features
    Customer can add or remove products in cart any time.
  • Product Variables
    This app fully support woocommerce variable products.
  • Search Feature

    User can search desired product that allows users to navigate to a specific product
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