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Ionic5 Woocommerce – Ionic5/Angular8 Universal Full Mobile App for iOS & Android / WordPress Plugins template app

Ionic5 Woocommerce – Ionic5/Angular8 Universal Full Mobile App for iOS & Android / WordPress Plugins

– Version:
– Last Update: 24 May 2020 (Big Update)
– Files Included: Full Source Code Ionic 5 App with WordPress AppSettings Plugins
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from Envato

New Features
– Updated Our Item to Latest Ionic 5
– Added 22 New Product Card Styles
– Added 06 New Banners Styles

Change Logs:

Version 1.1 – Released Date: 17 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Enhancements and Bug Fixes. 
- Application Code Enhancements and Bug Fixes. 

Version 1.2 – Released Date: 20 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Bug Fixes.

Version 1.3 – Released Date: 21 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Fixes. 
Fixed checkout page not found issue.
Fix some bugs and code enhancements.
- Application Fixes. 
Fix some bugs and code enhancements.

Version 1.4 – Released Date: 22 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Fixes. 
Plugin coding enhancements and minor bug fixes.
- Application Fixes. 
iOS checkout page fix
iOS app build fix
Product detail page fix - variation product

Version 1.5 – Released Date: 23 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Fixes. 
Plugin installation bug fixes. 

Version 1.6 – Released Date: 31 March 2018

- WordPress Plugin Code Improvements.
- Application Bug Fixes And Improvements. 
app hang fix
variable product fix
bug fixes with improvment
splash screen loading fix
- Files Affected.
app source code/config.xml

Version 1.7 – Released Date: 03 April 2018

- WordPress Plugin Fixes
Fixed plugin installation bugs 
Fixed plugin active/inactive bug
- WordPress Plugin New Feature
Add textarea in settings page to add custom css to manage app checkout page, now you can hide your desire elements directly from admin and style checkout screen as per your needs.
- Database
If you want to update plugin files then also add field "custom_css_for_checkout" in "wp_app_settings" table.

Version 2.0 – Released Date: 21 April 2018

- Application New Features
Products Ratings and Reviews
Related Products on Product Detail Screen
Product Zoom Feature on Product Detail Screen
Featured Products Tag
New Products Tag
Digital Store/One Page Checkout - We have added option in plugin to select one page checkout, when it selected then in mobile application shipping address, billing address and shipping methods screens will skip and user will redirect to checkout page. You can customize your site checkout page with custom css from plugin.   
Application Design Enhancements,Bug Fixes And Improvements.

Version 2.1 – Released Date: 28 April 2018

- Mobile App
Filter products bug fixes
Add To Cart function fixes
Bug fixes and improvements.
- Files Affected
- WordPress Plugin
Bug fixes and improvements, so update your wordpress site plugin files.
- Database
No changes in database. 

Version 2.2 – Released Date: 12 May 2018

- Mobile App
Only woocommerce published products will show in mobile application. 
Fix bug on Home style 2 when product categories have no images.
Product variation selection improves in product details screen.
Add confirmation popup after registration. 
Bug fixes and improvements.
- Files Affected
- WordPress Plugin
No changes in Plugin Files. 
- Database
No changes in Database. 

Version 2.3 – Released Date: 26 May 2018

- Mobile App
RTL layout bug fixes on different pages. 
Bug fixes and improvements.
- Files Affected
- Translation Lables Added
All Categories Loaded!
All Posts Loaded!
- WordPress Plugin
Remove table "app_settings" and save all settings in default "wp_options" table.
Fixed bug on cart page, same billing and shipping info.
Added option for sorting banners.
- Database
All db tables updated.

Version 2.4 – Released Date: 02 Sep 2018

- Complete product attribute filters added on app shop page.
- Now user can enable disable the intro from the config file.

Version 2.5 – Released Date: 17 Nov 2018

- Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin Supported. 
- WPML Multi Language Plugin Supported. 
- Png Navigation Icons option along with Ionic Default Icons 
- Checkout Screen in Application (Option added in backend to manage it)
- Cancel Order Option for Customer (Admin can show/hide from admin and also manage time)
- Loading Speed Improvements. 
- Download Screen For Virtual Product (enable disable for admin)
- Address Management Screen

Version 2.6 – Released Date: 06 April 2019

- WC Multi Vendor Plugin Supported. 
- Reward Point Plugin Supported.
- Multi Currency Plugin Supported.
- Delivery Tracking Feature.
- App performance improvements. 
- App loading time improvements. 
- Bug fixes and Improvements.

Version 2.7 – Released Date: 02 June 2019

New Features:
- 5 New Home Screens
- Deep Linking
- Scratch Cards
- Profile Image Avatar
- Auto shipping address against location data
- Add product quantity by typing
Bug Fixes:
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 2.8 – Released Date: 12 July 2019

- Improve Overall App Design.
Bug Fixes:
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 2.9 – Released Date: 31 July 2019

- Compatible with latest android phones
- App Loading Improvements
Bug Fixes:
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 2.9.1 – Released Date: 16 Aug 2019

- Content pages with multi language
- Minor Improvements
Bug Fixes:
- Reload app on start
- Product Detail Page fixes

Version 2.9.2 – Released Date: 21 Aug 2019

- Minor Improvements
Bug Fixes:
- Fix shop page issue for woocommerce version 3.7.0

Version 2.9.3 – Released Date: 30 Aug 2019

- Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes 

Version 3.0 – Released Date: 04 Oct 2019

- Major Release    
- Updated to ionic 4 

Version 3.0.3 – Released Date: 27 Nov 2019

- New application included with bottom navigation
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 3.0.4 – Released Date: 28 Nov 2019

- Fixed minor source code issue  

Version 3.0.5 – Released Date: 24 Apr 2020

- Big Update    
- Updated Our Item to Latest Ionic 5
- Added 22 New Product Card Styles
- Added 06 New Banners Styles  

Version – Released Date: 24 May 2020

- Fixed Apple Store Submission Warning Issue 
- Minor Enhancements & Code Improvements 

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