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IONIC 4 Fitness App – 30 Days Butt Challenge

IONIC 4 Fitness App – 30 Days Butt Challenge
Wonderful Offline IONIC 4 Code for any of your fitness training.

Hello Friends,
Are you Looking for super hot cross platform mobile app ?
Are you Looking for wonderful app for 30 days Fitness Challenge ?
You are at right place.

Presenting you, 
30 Days Butt Challenge App, this app is crossplatform which means you can develop apps for
Android, IOS, Windows Mobile 
and also Desktop Windows, Mac, Ubuntu (If used with Electron).

Special thing about this project is its fully customisable. 
Which means You can completely change the exercise type and create 100 different mobile apps with this 
single mobile app.

Everyone wants a healthy life now a days. Healthy life is like a Challenge for everyone in this 
routine life where time plays a vital role. 
This wonderful app has predefined structure exercise video with defined timeframes per training and provides
you with perfect daily routine exercise without breaking your schedule.

App is completely customisable with any training you want. Along with this app is managed in centralized 
data configurations to modify and alter the time required to complete one training.


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