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Ionic 3 UI/UX Multipurpose Theme/Template App

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IONIC 3 Starter app has all the feature a developer will need when building an Ionic app. It includes more than 50 screens and components that you can use in any E-commerce, News, social, Event, Article, Notification app. We know a developer mostly uses some common ionic 3 native functionalities such as Admob, camera, app-rate, barcode-scanner, call-number, email-composer, local-notifications, media-capture, native-storage, one signal push, social-sharing, video-player, google maps, chart , google map , gallery , image-viewer , social login integrations, google maps, google places, geolocation and we take care of all the functionality in single bundle.




Social login integration

Facebook native Login integration , Advantage of native integration if user has Facebook install on device,
it will just ask permission to access data from native app. Customer not need to enter there credential to get
access token and data.

Easily to use

We break this app into peace so developer can use any tiny peace want to use from this app to any app they develop.

Capture video and play

You can start recording video directly from inside of your app . It will access your device camera . once you stop
recording you can play videos as well.


You can add Admob in any app and earn money from it. We have add two type add one fullscreen adds and another will
show bottom of the page.

App Rate

Once user install this app you can ask and rate and review your app.

RTL Support

supports your RTL (right-to-left) all the layout component.

Google Maps

Custom angular google map module been use . you can search place as well.


Used google location api to get all the location details you can search though and we also get user location with
geolocation services..


  • Angular 4 + Ionic 3 + Typescript(2.3.4) ( Latest Ionic V3.7.X )
  • Google Maps
  • Ionic Native Facebook
    • Facebook Login
    • Access user basic info from Facebook Graph API
  • Ionic Native Google Plus
  • Ionic Native Twitter-Connect ( Twitter connect Native module)
    • Twitter Login
  • Contact Form with Email Composer(used to send email from app )
  • Ionic Native 3.x

    • @ionic-native/core
    • @ionic-native/email-composer ( Send email from contact page)
    • @ionic-native/facebook
    • @ionic-native/google-plus
    • @ionic-native/twitter-connect
    • @ionic-native/in-app-browser
    • @ionic-native/splash-screen
    • @ionic-native/status-bar
    • @ionic-native/call-number
    • @ionic-native/geolocation ( Get the current user position )
    • @ionic-native/onesignal
    • @ionic-native/local-notifications
    • @ionic-native/social-sharing
    • @ionic-native/admob-free
    • @ionic-native/app-rate
    • @ionic-native/barcode-scanner
    • @ionic-native/camera
    • @ionic-native/local-notifications
    • @ionic-native/media-capture
    • @ionic-native/social-sharing
    • @ionic-native/video-player
    • @ionic-native//native-storage
  • Written in SASS and Code optimize
  • PUSH notification with onesignal

Note :

This is our first release so if you found any issue or wanted some new feature get in touch by email and we get back
to you ASAP ( Please include app name in Email subject ) .

Please Follow below command if you are using ionic Cli 3.X if you are still using 2.X you can continue using the
command we provided in docs

#Install Latest Ionic Framework
$ npm install -g [email protected]

#Browse the App
navigate to project directory

#Install package.json dependencies
$ npm install
$npm install --save-dev --save-exact @ionic/[email protected] @ionic/[email protected]

#Test your app on multiple screen sizes and platform types by starting a local development server
$ ionic serve
$ ionic serve --lab

#Build iOS
$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova build ios --prod --aot

#Build Android
$ ionic Cordova platform add android
$ ionic Cordova build android --prod --aot

#Deploying/Running on emulator
$ ionic cordova run android --prod


You can download and Test from Play store :



# RELEASE 1.2.0 - ( 24th April 2018 )
 - Ionic version updated
 - UI enhanced
 - Firebase Registration / Login with CRUD operations
 - Some minor fix

# RELEASE 1.1.0 - ( 6th Nov 2017 )
 - Ionic version updated
 - Base color changes
 - Some minor fix

# RELEASE 1.0.0 - ( 1st Aug 2017 )
 - Initial Release



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