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by tavoherduq
Ion4Material - Apps Templates Ionic Ecommerce Mobile App template


Ion4 Material

Ion4Mat is a multipurpose template created in ionic 4 which includes several applications among which we have:

  • - Chat application.
  • - Music application.
  • - Electronic Commerce Application.
  • - ToDo application.
  • - Application Upload Files.
  • - Login screens.
  • - Registration Screens.
  • - Account Recovery Screens.
  • - Side Menu Components.
  • - Dasboard Menu
  • - Tabs Menu

Ion4Mat is created with the Technology of Ionic Framework, Typescript, Css, Html5 Google Fonts font styles, and Angular 8.

screen-templates-Registers screen-templates-Recovers screen-templates-Logins screen-templates-ecommerce screen-templates-chat screen-templates-music screen-templates-todo Screenshot-2020-01-30-Ionic-App-2 Screenshot-2020-01-30-Ionic-App-1 Screenshot-2020-01-30-Ionic-App-3 Screenshot-2020-01-30-Ionic-App-4 Screenshot-2020-01-30-Ionic-App
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