Instahood Social App Theme (Instagram clone) React Native

by dhananihardik3


Instahood is a social application theme. It’s developed in React Native Framework. Which support on iOS and Android devices.

Instahood has many features. They’s contain 4 tabs. Feed, Chat, Notification, and Profile.

Instahood contains 60+ screens. Also, you can customize the screen as per your requirement and components also reuseable.

Here is the youtube video link.

Here is the APK link for android.

Here are docs:


1) You can share a post on the feed.
2) You can comment, like, and mark on a post.
3) You can view a comment, comment like, and comment reply on a post.
4) You can chat with other users.
5) You saw the activity of other users.
6) You can do unfollow and following other users.
7) Also, support dark and light themes and many features there.

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