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Huniq Pro – The Complete React Native Apollo GraphQL App for Woocommerce template app

Huniq Pro – The Complete React Native Apollo GraphQL App for Woocommerce

Test our application :

You can download our apk and test our react native woocommerce app using this link

You can also navigate through the documentation of this react native graphql code for woocommerce using this link

Feature list:

  • – Welcome screen
  • – Feed list screen for display all your products
  • – Search screen using name of a product
  • – Filter screen to reduce the number of product to specifics criteria
  • – Detail screen to help customer read more detail and make a choice
  • – Cart screen to help customer manage his basket
  • – Checkout process to help customer finalize his order
  • – Confirmation screen to display all information about the order
  • – User Dashboard screen
  • – Address to help user manage his shipping and billing address
  • – Orders screen to help user review all his orders and manage them
  • – Wish list screen
  • – Login and Sign Up screen
  • – Setting screen to manage app settings
  • – Full integration with Woocommerce
  • – Full Typescript integration
  • – Setup of detox tool for improve your end to end tests and please your customer.
  • – Setup of react-native-testing library to catch up bug early
  • – Full support on Android
  • – Well structured application with easy customization by you if needed.
  • – Stripe payment integration
  • – Product variables woocommerce
  • – Apollo Graphql
  • – Wp-graphql integration
  • – Wp-graphql-woocomerce integration
  • – Checkout process in three step
  • – Filtering by Pricing/Variation/Name
  • – Dark and Light theme

What is the scope of supporting?

  • We support and ensure the feature work as above product’s describe by using our
    pre-config website from github
  • To improve our product adoption we support for now development environment installation for the two license.

Next Features: (For the next 3 months)

            1. RTL 
            2. Accessibility
            3. Add Notifications system 
            4. Test with IOS to ensure full application.
            5. Add paypal payment gateway.

Change logs:

            <b> Initial version 1.0.0 (27/03/2020) </b>
            <br />
            1. Welcome screen
            2. Feed screen 
            3. Filter screen 
            4. Search screen 
            5. Detail screen 
            6. Cart screen 
            7. Checkout process with all screen (shipping/billing, payment process, and confirmation screen)
            8. User dashboard screen 
            9. Address screen 
            10. Order screen 
            11. Wish List screen 
            12. Setting screen
            7. Apollo graphql integration
            8. wp-graphql integration 
            9. wp-graphql-woocommerce integration 
            10. Custom woocommerce plugin for finalize payment using stripe


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    Updated on: 22 July 2020
    Created on: 22 July 2020