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Holla Messenger - Ionic 6 - Pwa Mobile App

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by Mert_Cetin
Holla Messenger - Ionic 6 - Pwa Mobile App Ionic Chat & Messaging Mobile App template


Holla Messenger is a messaging app available for Android and other smartphones.

Holla Messenger performs server storage and some functions without the need for a server. Does not use server-based database.

Data transfer processes are instantaneously end-to-end encrypted.

For the transactions to take place; The sender and receiver must be active.

Holla Messenger uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi if available) to let you send and receive messages to family and friends.

Holla Messenger aims to provide instant communication.

So your information is safe. The data is encrypted end-to-end between the two parties and delivered to the receiver. It is not stored on the server. or not stored. New generation secure communication technology


WebRTC JavaScript library for peer-to-peer applications (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, media streaming etc.)

Holla Messenger uses rtcmulticonnection infrastructure.

In this way, we get rid of a lot of workload.

Ionic 5+ is a system built on capacitor 3+. rtcmulticonnection plugin is included in the system.


  1. Send Message
  2. Video or audio call
  3. Sound recording or sending photos
  4. End-to-end encryption
  5. Chat theme customization
  6. Dark Mode
  7. Delete message
  8. Adding a contact
  9. Holla Messenger WEB

Future Update Features v1.0.1 – v1.0.2

  1. Create a group
  2. Group Chat
  3. Group voice and video calling
  4. Gif and stickers
  5. Location sharing
  6. User blocking
  7. More efficient user search feature
  8. qr login system pwa
  9. I could not check the ios platform. I will test in future versions
  10. There is no administration panel. A section about moderation may be added in the next update.
  11. Message notifications when app is closed
  12. And more…

Mobile, PWA About Access Permissions

-Storage Permit

To store Correspondence, Received Voice Recordings and Photos Files, your phone must have access to the storage partition.

-Camera and microphone Access

Requires this access to video chat or voice chat or send audio recordings

Google Play [v1.0.1-market]

Direct Download `.apk .abb` File [v1.0.1-apk]

Direct [Holla Messenger Web]


  1. Node JS: v14+
  2. Npm: v6+
  3. ionic 5+
  4. capacitorjs 3+


v1.0.1 14 April 2022
  • [Added] QR code entry.
  • [Added] QR code generation.
  • [Fixed] 50+ Reported bugs.
  • Mobile
  • [Added] QR scanning page
  • [Added] QR scanning and sending information
  • [Added] login confirmation page after QR scanning.
  • [Fixed] 70+ Reported bugs.
  • v1.0.0 01 January 2022
  • [Update] ionic +6
  • [Update] capacitor +3
  • [Added] Multi Language System, TR-EN-RU
  • [Added] Sign out
  • [Fixed] 99+ Reported bugs.
  • v0.0.9 10 December 2021
  • [Fixed] 5 minutes sleep problem in the background on mobile devices
  • [Fixed] pwa support
  • [Fixed] dark mode
  • [Update] ionic +5
  • [Update] capacitor +3
  • [Fixed] 30+ Reported bugs.
  • v0.0.8 10 November 2021
  • [Update] ionic +4
  • [Update] capacitor +2
  • [Update] Infrastructure Improvements.
  • [Update] Design Improvements.
  • [Fixed] Fixes on settings page
  • [Fixed] 20+ Reported bugs.
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