Healer React Native App Template

by timistudio


Healer React Native App Template - 1Healer React Native App Template - 2

Healer App Template – is a React Native Mobile app that demo UI for Android and iPhone. Manage drugs, doctor, book appointment, search doctor & hospital, indicators, send and push notifications.


Include Regular React Native & Expo
56 Mobile Screen JPG Preview
Android & iOS App UI KIT
Can intergrate with React-Redux
Javascript Developers
Expo Demo
.JSON files included

Document Guide
APK Demo

Healer React Native App Template - 3

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Update - 02 June 2020
  #navigation v5
  #redux saga
Update - 29 March 2020
  #Update V0.62.0 on React Native
  #Update V36 on Expo
Update -Oct 31,2019
  #Add new 3 screens
Update -Sep 16,2019
  #Update latest version(v4.0.3)
  #Fix some bugs
Update - Aug 05, 2019
  #Update React Native version
Update - Aug 16, 2019
  #Fixed some bug
Update - Jun 24, 2019
  # Fixed: A minor bug.
  # Update Latest Expo SDK
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