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Shoppy – Shopify E-commerce Android Kotlin App

It is readymade eCommerce app with shopify store front API. You can start your business using online shopping app. You need to add product/categories to your shopify partner account.You can set product price, images, description,variants, etc..

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App Login Details:

Email: demo@qrolic.com
Password: 12345678

Shopify Details:

URL: https://qrolic-mobile-app.myshopify.com
Password: qrolic



  • Material design

    Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design

  • Collectionwise product list

    A collection of related product list that can be purchased individualy

  • Dynamic Product Variants

    A product with vairants, each of which may have a different sku,price.etc. For ex, Tops available in different colors, size and materials.

  • Search and filter product list

    Products that can be search, sort and filter by different options like product type, product prices , newest product, etc.

  • Product Detail

    A Product that displays product type, tags, vendor, price, descriptions, images , variants, etc..

  • Cart management

    Review your shopping cart with the options to remove products and to pay your products using shopify web checkout.

  • Checkout management

    Add all the informations required for delivering and billing the products in safe and easy way.

  • Order List And Detail

    Check your ordered items with their status, shipping address and billing informations.

  • User Management

    User management options :
    – Login with existing users
    - Register with new user
    - Forgot password
    - Account Edit

  • Address Management

    Userwise address management for add, update and delete address.

  • Neat & Clean user interface

    An app with a neat interface helps to maintain user’s maximum focus and reduce cognitive workload.


For technical support (only after sales), please Create a Ticket https://newaccount1631783723988.freshdesk.com/support/home. For pre-sales enquiries, please use the comments section.

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