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Halva - Minimal Theme for WordPress Blog

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Halva WordPress Theme - Documentation Halva WordPress Theme - Changelog

Halva WordPress Theme - Main Features 1

Halva WordPress Theme - Main Features 2

About the Halva WordPress Theme

Halva is an easy-to-use classic theme for a personal WordPress blog with a minimal and lightweight design. This theme has the ability to display a carousel with your featured posts on the home page, and also supports the functionality of live switching between font types (serif fonts or sans-serif fonts) and color modes (light mode or dark mode). For the convenience of visitors, the Halva theme has the ability to quickly switch between two types of blog layout: one column or three columns. There is support for both the classic editor and the block editor, so you can use the editor you prefer to create your posts. The Halva theme also has a number of other features: built-in support for lightboxes for images and galleries, support for contact forms (Contact Form 7), 4 widget areas, support for classic widgets, support for block editor widgets, 5 additional widgets, support for all post formats, views counter for posts and pages, responsive layout, and much more. If you love minimalism and simplicity, then the Halva theme is what you need for your blog.

Feature List

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.4.x
  • The theme is optimized for two editors: Block editor and Classic editor. You can use the one you like best.
  • Minimal and easy to use theme.
  • The theme has a responsive design and looks good on mobile devices.
  • Includes a set of Font Awesome icons (Version 6+).
  • Compatible with all modern browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.
  • Theme settings powered by WordPress Customizer (You can see all available settings in the online documentation).
  • Live switching between blog layouts: One column or Three columns.
  • Two color modes: Light mode and Dark mode.
  • Switch between two font types in real time: Serif and Sans-serif fonts.
  • Two positions for menus: Header and Footer.
  • Hidden sticky navigation is available when scrolling pages.
  • Dropdown menu support (only menu in the header).
  • Dropdown form with site search.
  • Link to your “Subscribe” form in the main navigation.
  • Social links in the main navigation.
  • Supports two types of logos: Text logo and Image.
  • There is a functionality for changing the logo image when switching between color modes (Light/Dark modes).
  • A carousel with posts is available on the home page. The carousel can display posts by category (all categories or one selected category) or your featured posts. Featured posts for the carousel are selected manually.
  • Masonry layout for blog posts (three columns).
  • The following counters are available for posts and pages: “Number of views” and “Number of comments”.
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7.
  • “Back to top” button.
  • The theme supports 10 post formats:
    • Standard format.
    • Image format. This is a format for displaying posts with your featured images.
    • Gallery format. This format supports displaying a slider with your images.
    • Video format. This is a format for displaying videos from popular video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
    • Audio format. This is a format for displaying your audio tracks from SoundCloud.
    • Aside format. This format is suitable for brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts, such as quick thoughts and anecdotes.
    • Link format. This is a post with a link to another site.
    • Quote format. This is a format for displaying posts with a quote.
    • Status format. Status format is suitable for a quick update about what you are doing right now. You can also use this format to highlight important short texts.
    • Chat format. The “Chat” post format highlights each conversation line. This format is intended exclusively for posts with correspondence.
  • There is functionality for lightboxes (Popup images and image galleries).
  • Section with information about the author of each post.
  • Support for displaying related posts by tags.
  • Hidden sidebar with smooth animation.
  • Three additional areas for widgets in the footer:
    • Footer: Left Column – This area is located in the footer in the left column.
    • Footer: Center Column – This area is located in the footer in the center column.
    • Footer: Right Column – This area is located in the footer in the right column.
  • Five additional widgets:
    • Halva: List Of Posts – Displays a list of posts with a background image (featured image).
    • Halva: Popular Posts – Displays a list of popular posts.
    • Halva: Random Posts – Displays a list of random posts.
    • Halva: Recent Posts – Displays a list of recent posts.
    • Halva: Social Links – Displays links to social profiles.
  • Support for all widget blocks and all classic widgets.
  • Notice with information about cookies.
  • Translation ready (Every word and phrase that is used in this theme can be translated into your language).
  • Includes XML file with demo data.
  • Step by step documentation. Offline documentation is also included.

Please Note:

Halva will only work with WordPress.ORG software.


Halva WordPress Theme – Version 1.0

- Release

All images in the demo are from Unsplash ( ). Video: “Dartmoor Timelapse Trailer” by Dartmoor Timelapse (Vimeo). Audio: “Song of storms piano again” by lilypichu (SoundCloud).

Thank you very much for your interest in this WordPress theme ;)

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