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Flutter Scan and translate

Scan everything application is utility application designed to provide for user features as scan the document and recognizes text in 103 different languages, translate the document scanned to multi-language with AI for high precision in every context. The application uses the library of Google as Machine learning Kit, cloud translate API. We hope to bring the best utility to users.


1. Convert everything to the word.
The application use multi-input as a camera takes a photo, import photo from image album or live scan for converting document to word and recognizes text in 103 different languages.

2. Translate for high precision.
Our document translation API is available in more than 170 languages. With the application, you can translate the document scanned to multi-language with AI for high precision in every context.

3. Livescan – translate the document
Just only keep a camera focus on the document to scan text -> recognize language -> translate.

4. Speech text
Reads texts in more than 44 languages

5. Easy export to email
Which will allow you to save the history scan as a backup to storage unlimited? And export full the backup sent to an email at any time.

6. Other
• Edit the text, copy it to the clipboard, and save in storage

• Share the text by email
• All texts are saved in History and can be later recovered at any time

  1. With Scan Everything app you can easily scan and translate:

• any paper documents
• recipes from cookbooks
• notes and letters
• menus in restaurants, bars, and cafes
• articles from magazines and newspapers
• book parts
• instructions and manuals
• texts on product labels
• road signs as well as signs in airports and stations
• and many more…

  1. Request for User Permissions

[Mandatory access]

1. View Network access

To detect whether the device is on Wi-Fi, mobile data, or not connected to a network. This helps the app know whether it should translate while online.

2. Camera

To take pictures for image translations, and to live scan text when joining a conversation.

3. Photos/Media/Files

To open photos from the device for image translation.


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