Flutter Firebase Chat: based on Flutter, Firebase, and Agora.io

by kostaf


Short description:

Flutter Firebase Chat is a real time chatting app with video calling support based on Flutter, Firebase, and Agora.io. You can run this app on both platforms: Android and iOS. Also you can easily customize and refine it for yourself, since it uses a BLoC pattern.

Main features:

  • One-to-one chatting
  • Group chatting
  • One-to-one video calling via Agora.io
  • Image sharing
  • Email authentication
  • Implemented BLoC pattern

Flutter packages:

  • firebase_auth
  • cloud_firestore
  • firebase_storage
  • timeago
  • email_validator
  • flutter_bloc
  • image_picker
  • platform_action_sheet
  • photo_view
  • flutter_slidable
  • agora_rtc_engine
  • permission_handler

Demo apk:
(email: mark.demo@gmail.com, password: demodemo)


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