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flutter chat app with node js and socket io mongo db

Flutter chat app is  a mobile chat system which run under Android and ios platform Developed with Dart Language And Node js for backend make the app run fast and smoothly.

Download Demo App From Drive 

1 – For Add New Post     


2- Send Message


3- Read Un Read Message


4 – Notifaction in App Click Handel 


5 – On app resume Notifcation Hande


6- Hande if app terminated Notifaction Click


7- Delete From every One 




1. No for higher firebase cost

2- Posts 
– user can upload post with text and image 
– like and dislike and comments 
– only owner post can delete comments and post-posts paganation
– improve performance with loadMore & pull to refresh
– Delete Post & Comments

3. realtime message
– Search user by email
– Icon or label online/offline
– list of chats 
– Read or Unread  message
– Send text or image message
– improve performance with loadMore
– Delete From Every One

4.User Profile
– Edit user name,photo,bio,password
– show all your posts,likes,comments
– Logout
– Who like or comment post
– Who send message support in app Notifications 
– Android foreground and background Notifications
– Handle on click to notification to open specific page Ios & Android

6.Firebase Cloud Messages (FCM to push notification) it free unlimited

7-Support Light mode and Dark mode with provider instance change mode

8- posts & messages Pagination to improve clint side performance And More …


Service Backend:
– Node js  with soket io and mongo db

 clean source code using provider and node js mvc

– Testing on All Android Versions And IOS 11 Pro Max simulator


– Last Version Of Node js & Mongo db

– What you get when purchasing this item:
– Full Flutter Source Code
– Full Node js Code of Backend
– Full Documentation for Flutter and backend with screenshots

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