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Financial expense manager - Flutter App

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  A Financial expense manager app typically offers a range of functionalities to help users track and manage their expenses effectively.

Here are some common functionalities found in financial expense manager apps:

Expense Tracking: Users can record and categorize their expenses, such as groceries, transportation, utilities, entertainment, etc. They can enter the amount, date, and additional notes for each expense.

Budget Management: The app allows users to set budgets for different expense categories or overall spending. Users can define budget limits for specific time periods and track their expenses against those limits.

Income Tracking: Users can track their income sources and record the amounts received. This feature helps users understand their overall financial inflows and manage their budgets accordingly.

Transaction History: The app maintains a transaction history, providing users with a detailed overview of their past expenses, income, and transfers. Users can view, search, and analyze their transaction records for better financial visibility.

Customization: Users can often customize the app according to their preferences. This may include organizing expense categories, or creating custom labels/tags for transactions.

   Latest Android Version

The app was built in Kotlin using Android Studio. So This app supports 

Android 13 (API level 33) Which is latest android version.

App is designed with Latest Flutter Version Flutter 3.7.12.

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